Pick A Card

January 2022

Allow your intuition to guide you - hold a question or situation in your heart and choose a card from the four selections below.

New cards are updated every month.

This month we are delving into the magick that is you with Fiona Horne's Magick of YOU oracle deck.

This deck brings us comfort and direction and the reminder that we must light our own way. Consider this a view glass to see the bigger picture in your life at the moment. Work with your own intuition with the imagery of the cards - what do YOU see, how do you feel about the card you have drawn, your individual interpretation is just as important (if not more) than the card reading itself.


"Be Thyself.

Be Fearless.

Be Proud."

- Fiona Horne

Use the four cards from this month's deck to deeply connect to the deepest, most secret and sacred parts of yourself. Trust that whatever comes is something you need to hear. You are here for a reason.

Now, close your eyes, listen to your heart and...

Card 1

Card 1

Card 3

Card 3

Card 2

Card 2

Card 4

Card 4

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