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Kylie Clarke

What began out of her own personal need to find her strength and passion for life again, at 22 Kylie developed her natural abilities of perceiving and using energy into an inclusive process of self-healing.

Kylies ability to see the bigger picture has driven her to spend over 15 years studying modalities that support human Spirituality and influence the relationship between that and the physical aspects of life.

From being a dancer/teacher for more than 20 years to now completing over 400 training hours and thousands of practice hours in a combination of traditional and modern forms of Qigong, Kylie loves to share the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this artform with people of all ages, stages and abilities.

Now certified to work with many tools that connect the layers of conscious energy and existence, Kylie is passionate about guiding the self-healing of others through understanding the tangible communications of the body, the spirit and its expression.

As a mother of 6, Kylie maintains her personal balance by giving herself time to pause, feel the Sun or to be around water.


-  Healing Alchemy - body / emotion / mind / Spirit

-  Qigong

-  Transpersonal Psychology

- Holistic Counselling – EFT, shadow work, Esoteric Astrology, Spiritual Awareness, Visualisation, Meditation, Breathwork

-  Past Life Regression & Healing Hypnosis, Energy and oracle readings

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Thank you for connecting with me, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Kylie x

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