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The Moon

Did you know that honouring the Moon, it’s cycles and it’s power has long been a sacred practice within many cultures?

Rituals which create harmony between us, and the phases of the moon that influence the growth or decline of all life on Earth originated in ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India and China.

These rituals and practices bring out our primal connection to the natural world which many of our energies crave within this modern, screen/technology-based way of life.


Besides the sun, the moon is the most visual aspect of the celestial Universe that we can witness.


More than that however, the Moon shows us contrast and balance between dark and light, and so we use these cycles to understand the light and shadows within ourselves.

Moon Rituals

This library is filled with simple, yet powerful ceremony and ritual ideas for you to use any time. We recommend planning your events around the Full Moon as a means of remembering at a Soul level, your inherent connection to the cycles of the Universe.

Browse our downloadable Moon Rituals for $1.99AU each.

New Moon Rituals - COMING SOON

Image by Daniel Sinoca

Tools We Use


  • Prayer – in the form of castings, invocations, wishes etc

  • Symbols – these carry particular power and vibration

  • Gestures – to increase positive manipulative power and intention

  • Words – verbal sounds add momentum to carry the vibration of our intention

  • Letters – writing puts our intention, wish or casting into a physical form

  • Objects – talismans, candles, feathers, incense, oil or other representations of our intention 

There is a place in your ritual for whatever you deem the right thing for you. You may gather items together in preparation of a ritual but in the moment, only use a few, the central component is always you and your intention. It is your will that unites Spirit with matter and your energy that pours power into any ritual you use. 

A ritual can be thought of as anything you do with mystical intention such as wishes, invocations, and prayers.


We want to help you understand exactly what magick, life force, energy, patterns and connections are; to feel your relationship with each and expand your aptitude for intentionally working with each.

We are excited by the potential of what you might create here, as we can already see the BIG picture of what is beginning to unfold for all of us across the Earth.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect.

Let's 'Spell'  things out


What you will find here are rituals for aligning personal energies and actions with the Moon cycles, and as you journey with us you will find a valuable stream of information.

Why is this of value? Because information fuels awareness and then in turn, understanding, acceptance and finally, transformation.

Just as there are 3 layers of the Universe; spiritual, material and the consciousness that flows between, there is always 3 parts to any ritual; prayer, means and the intention that unites the two.

Creating with the Universe in this way means understanding that you play an integral part in what comes to you. For any given ritual, you can call in guides, spirits, Angels, God, Goddesses, Mother Earth, fairies or any other positive force you feel aligned with – the choice is yours and may vary from ritual to ritual. Using these rituals relies on the support of some form of Spiritual essence to assist in the positive manipulation of form without physical force – but this can just be a higher aspect of yourself. We here, are physical and so work in a physical manner.


When you practice enough, your individual spiritual force may become strong enough that you are able to carry this creation alone.

Please always remember to do no harm to others.

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