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Emotional Body Healing

Are YOU ready to take back your life? Reclaim and restore balance.

  • 1 h
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Emotional Body Balancing & Healing is restoring the body, mind and heart back to a state of balance in which your body is able to heal itself. I work with you to understand your ideal, individual balance and layout a manageable plan to help you achieve that state of being. This is a natural healing process that uncovers the cause for the energy that is being stored and manifested into mental, emotional and physical symptoms of pain, illness and dis-ease. By understanding exactly where you are and the energy that got you there, we are able to retune it to create the ultimate environment for self-healing to occur. Imbalances of any kind can cause pain on many levels across all states of being EMOTIONAL TRAUMA - feeling disconnected - relationship breakdown - coping with loss MENTAL ASSOCIATION - anxiety - overthinking & procrastination - depression PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS - weight management - arthritis, back or joint pain - headaches, sinus or allergies - other illness or dis-ease Each of these is both a cause of stress on and within the body as well as a symptom of that stress. It is a cycle that can become difficult to break without first seeking out balance. This session works through many channels on many layers of the mental, emotional and spiritual planes in which we essentially tune into your body to seek remedy from within. I use several modalities based on where you are and what you feel open to from meditation, to tapping, trance meditation and healing Qi.

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