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Be Kind To Yourself Masterclass

How would it feel to wake up feeling worthy, beautiful and enough? How would your day change with a greater sense of peace, pleasure and intuition? What would life be like when you are embodying the highest possible version of yourself, the woman you were always born to be?


How would you show up if you allowed yourself to stop people pleasing and start honouring your desires and needs? What would it mean to have the confidence to pursue your dream job, your purpose, the line of work that fulfils you? To know all of your unique gifts, your magic and your strengths?


What would it really feel like to light up a room, or to speak your truth, or to be authentically you without being afraid of being judged – or judging yourself?

What would it feel like to
Be Kind to Yourself?

Kindness towards self is the most fundamental act for creating the love, success and the abundance of your dreams, your relationships and your overall well being.


Through years of cultivating our own practices and sharing time with many beautiful Souls across the world, we know that a deficiency in self-love is at the core of many of our collective struggles and barriers. But self-love is your birth right and choosing to practice self-care is the bridge that helps you find your way back home to who you are.

You just need to learn how to master it and dedicate time to it... Because self-love is about more than just pampering yourself or eating well and exercising.
$33 AU
One off payment
Lifetime Access
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Self-love is about learning tools to soothe the critic in your mind.

It’s about nourishing your mind, heart, Spirit and body every single day.

It’s about unlocking your potential, feeling worthy and no longer settling for less than.

It’s about boundaries, joy, authenticity, and prioritising the creation of time for self.

Image by rosario janza

The truth is that we can read all the books, watch all the YouTube clips, or listen to all the podcasts in the world but true transformation only occurs when we embody the actions we dream of taking and step into a new way of living and being.


This is where you begin if you are really ready to make those changes and begin to cultivate your own practice of self nourishment.

This is where you step forward onto a new path of purposeful time and attention to self and choose to give up comparing yourself, doubting yourself, and putting off your dreams. 

This is where you remember your worth, by showing up for yourself, shifting the way you speak to yourself and then naturally begin to walk that talk.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Along any journey of Self & Soul

actions speak louder than words, and what we share with you throughout the

Be Kind To Yourself


is a reason to show up, a means of affirming new self-beliefs,
and an opportunity to practice deep and deliberate self-care,
all rolled into one!

Get Instant Access to our most powerful and successful MASTERCLASS into creating the changes you are ready for.

We will show you the 5 Pillars of Self-Care:

  • Self-Awareness – to remember how to trust, honour, and respect how you feel through TIME & PRESENCE

  • Self-Acceptance – to practice compassion, forgiveness, and ease in where you are to feel PEACE & FLOW

  • Self-Appreciation – to reconnect to self-worth, confidence, and the celebration of who you are by recognising

  • Self-Expression – to cultivate self-consideration, manifestation, and courage to follow CREATION & DESIRE 

  • Self-Love – to reclaim balance, virtuousness and grace as is your birth right of



Go within to;

  • cultivate more presence and create more time and space for all the things that nourish, heal and fulfill. 

  • deepen your relationship with self through honouring all past versions of yourself in the present moment.

  • see self in all situations and relationships with clarity around what is really needed and desired.

  • seek and speak truth without wavering from kindness and unapologetic discernment. 

  • combine the elements of care into a balanced and conscious relationship with self on every level of your being.

This is a space in which everything changes, where you remember who you truly are, what you are capable of, why you are the most powerful force in your life and just how perfectly connected and divinely supported you are. Your choice of coach. Your choice of session.

Learn to love who you are by dedicating time to yourself.

This MASTERCLASS is a complete self-care practice in and of its own that you can continue to use daily or as often as you like. 


As you tune in to where you are and practice gratitude for what is, warts and all, you will notice all the labels and judgements you had about life, about the world, about what you have, how you feel, and about all your dreams will all begin to fade. 

In short – this process allows you to strip back all the layers that are covering up the truth of who you are and begin to build empowered pillars of fortitude to establish an inner world that really feels like home – a place that is warm, strong, uplifting, nurturing, safe and familiar.

This practice brings you home to that inner space that fulfils you again and again anytime you need a little reminder of just how much of a beautiful gift you are.

Be Kind To Yourself.png


  • MASTERCLASS video - 1 ½ hours of transformational teachings and practices.

  • 5 full embodiment exercises for each of the Pillars of self-care.

  • MASTERCLASS workbook.

  • ‘Pillars of Self-Care’ follow up meditation.

  • PLUS *BONUS – ‘Honour Thyself’ Self-Awareness Journal to support the continuation of your self-care practices and take you deeper into self-love.

What would change in your life if you could cultivate more of what you need - inner peace… more calm… more fluidity… more love. 


Now ask yourself - How can you get it?


This is a question seldom asked, and even less often answered in a satisfying way.

Does the answer lie in security? –
“if I can just make more money, everything will feel easier.”

Does the answer lie in decluttering thoughts, schedule, heart and home –
“If I didn’t have so much to deal with, things would be different.”

You can find what you are looking for by recognising what you already are.

Choose to become self-aware, to tune in and be fully present in how you feel and what you need.

Choose to honour yourself with this complete practice of stripping back all the layers that you have dressed yourself in and allow yourself to be fully seen.

Heal yourself, reveal your most authentic self, and learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Self-love and self-care is not selfish… It's necessary!

This foundational masterclass is for cultivating an infallible process of transformation and practice that awakens with intention, brings empowerment to choice and supports the integration of those choices into daily life.

Over time, as you make these choices, the neural pathways in your brain change, the heart opens to new experiences, you feel more connected to your truth and divinity, and life comes alive and rich with experience.

All of this means that you are able to show up in your life in ways that are nourishing and self-supportive, so you feel safe to ask for, and give yourself what you need.

There is nothing more powerful, beautiful or liberating than being truly in love with who you are. The question you need to ask yourself is…

How well am I loving myself?


As with all other things, self-care is a choice, a practice and a journey you take… that affects everything… from your health, to your abundance, your career, your relationships, your Family and your entire lifestyle… everyday.


Activate and initiate the practice of learning to 

Be Kind To Yourself

through understanding self-care.

This complete MASTERCLASS condenses over 52 years of combined experience in the holistic revelations for mind, heart, spirit and body to initiate you into a cohesive system for redirecting the mind, opening the heart, connecting to spirit and embodying these changes so that you can step into your present life with 'inner-standing', joy and purpose.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Through 'inner-standing' ourselves; understanding and experiencing from within, we can affirm the life we want on every level. A willingness to know oneself is the key that unlocks the door to those deep conversations that form the foundations of self-nurturing and maintaining a loving relationship with yourself.

Self-Care is a Practice, which means it may not come easy…

we have to work at it.

We have to practice! Begin here… begin today.

You are ready and deserving of this Beautiful One!

Or ready for something MORE?
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