Monthly guidance and weekly wellness for your
mind, heart, spirit and body

Soul Connection

Soul Connection is your bridge to wellness, balance and self empowerment.

This is remembering, this is expanding, this is attention to health and well-being across every level and getting to know yourself, your REAL self.


Be brave enough to dive in and experience your unique connection. 

Soul Connection

Soul Connection

$5.50 per week

Cancel Anytime

- Weekly Astrology, Affirmations and Tarot Card Readings

- Monthly Energetic and Astrological Overview

- Interactive Astrology and Planetary Calendar

- Seasonal & Earth Cycle Information


- A weekly affirmation and mantra audio recording with binaural beats.

- A new 7 day mini journey with daily accountability steps and tasks, every month.

- A monthly online live practical workshop / webinar.

- Monthly Moon phases and access to our moon ritual and ceremony library.

- Monthly 'Soul Conversations' - our mini podcast going deeper into the meaning of astrology and our individual Soul's Journey.

- DIY online card readings accessible anytime.

- A personal 12 month Tarot forecast reading.

- Phone App for Tracking and Accountability.

Develop healthy patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour towards creating a life of stability, calm, confidence, abundance and freedom.

Take a journey with us!




You may not know what exactly, or how… but you know that this is the time to do something - for you!


$5.50 (AU)


Weekly Astrology

Each planet moves in it's own cycle of evolution and working with them offers you deep insight into not only the greater concept of the Universe but into your own inner workings as well. Tune into the primary planetary energy each week and learn to decode your personal strengths, blockages and potential with the language and movement of the stars. Connect to the energetic opportunities for growth and change.

Online Group Workshops

Participate in monthly workshops with all three facilitators to guide you through a variety of in depth processes for deliberately creating your life. These take place completely online and so there are no additional expenses for bookings, food or travel. Each workshop is designed to be intensive and take you through a practice of embodying the current cycle and to keep you progressing along your journey.

Moon Phases & Rituals

Follow the Moon phases to help better understand your emotional connection to this close neighbour of Earth, we share with you monthly overviews and full access to our Moon ritual and ceremony library.

Soul Conversations

Enjoy our monthly 'Soul Conversations', exclusive mini podcast where Ebony, Kylie and Tracy speak more in depth about the energetic influence of Astrology and what's happening in the current cycle.

Weekly Card Readings

Intuitive Tarot card readings offer an inclusive perspective over the energy and potential of each week. These messages and insights come through a variety of Tarot card decks, each offering personal wisdom and attention to the many areas of life. Take these messages as powerful connections to universal energy and the answers you are ready to receive for the questions you find yourself asking each week.

Monthly Energetic Overviews

When you know what lays ahead you can better prepare yourself to rise to the challenge of facing and working through whatever appears. Each overview offers you a glimpse into the bigger picture of what is taking place so that you can position yourself to align with what is coming. Working with the bigger picture is an opportunity to witness the connection of cycles within cycles of growth and awakening.

Tarot Card Readings

Access our DIY card reading decks - oracle, affirmation and tarot cards whenever you feel you would like to use your own intuition to gain some further insight or guidance AND receive your very own personal Tarot 12 month reading - giving you a card forecast for every month, specifically chosen with intention for you.

Mobile App

All programs and content are now fully accessible on your mobile device through which you will receive personal prompts and reminders to keep you on track and ensure you never miss what is important to you. View your live journeys, take quizzes and share your card readings with others. Having all of this at your fingers tips means that you can fit in time for yourself and your personal growth anytime, anywhere.

Weekly Affirmation

Use the power of affirmation and binaural beats to sync with the weekly energies. We share with you a new mini affirmation recording that you can use daily to connect to the bigger universal energetic cycles. Included is a downloadable picture and recorded, gentle guided meditation with binaural beats.

Monthly Practical Exercises

We share with you accountability steps with purpose and connection to the cycles of seasons, Earth and the Universe. Each exercise offers you an opportunity to tune in and work on your alignment with the world around you. Take advantage of these moments for clearing and strengthening the mind, heart, spirit and body and move towards holistic balance each month.

Astrology Calendar

This calendar shows you the language of the stars, planets and major events as they communicate with us through energy. Learning to recognise what you see in the movement of the bodies in our skies - the Sun, Moon and major planets - you will begin to understand the personality of each and their deeper connection to the aspects of your own life. From here you can use them to expand your growth.



The HOME of


A complete centre of balance and well-being, connecting your mind, heart, spirit and body.

An un-learning of the distortions, so that you may heal and once again feel

rich, strong, complete and FREE!


if you want something different

it's time to do something different

... we transform the mind

... and then we integrate the head, the heart and the hand.

New thinking. New feelings. New inspired action.



When you sign up for Soul Connection you will receive a personal astrology chart and 6 month forecast on top of all the other inclusions.

This is great to use to follow along with our 'Soul Conversations' each month and learn more about your personal connection to the Universe.

that you have found yourself here for a reason...


© 2021 by Embody Nadora.

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