Card 1

Card 1


I love the feel of this card. She moves, she bends, she twists, she does not break. She is free, she feels it, she knows it.

This card is asking you to really reflect on who you are choosing to spend time with and share your energy with. There may be individuals around you who do not have your best interest at heart and could be (albeit unknowingly) sapping and draining your energy. Take note of what your body is telling you and if you feel any hesitation or uncertainty when asked to go somewhere, or see someone - this could be a sign that you need to pay more attention to where you are choosing to spend the majority of your focus.

Life is full of choices and change. It need not be scary and we need not do it alone. But for the sake of ourselves and the very best part of who we are and all we can be - sometimes it necessary to cut chords, limit what and how we give and just say, 'no.'

This is our truth and this is our authentic self that we are embracing and listening to. Once softly embraced by the white swan (or maybe it's a snake), now realising that this chapter has run it's course and it is time to shed and release. Unwrap yourself and see how THAT feels.

Take notice of who is pulling you up and who is pushing you down - but do this with no judgement, do this instead, with ease and love - knowing and trusting that no one intentionally causes another grief, it is only that we are doing the best with what we know, what we have been shown and taught and seen for ourselves. If we inflict pain, it is usually is because we ourselves are in pain. This isn't an excuse, and you don't need to put up with it in your life, but it is to bring understanding and empathy to those around us; this may be a friend, a lover, a family member. This is the perfect time to free both of you.

Dearest Soul

Ever have those days when you just feel wobbly, unclear, and out of alignment with the person that you feel you are... or want to be?

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Soul Connection

Soul Connection

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