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To give yourself a little more time and attention, so that you may love yourself, care for yourself and understand yourself from within, the way you truly deserve.

To allow yourself health, wellness, balance, happiness, joy and unlimited, universal love!

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Join our online programs, taking a  journey with us allows you to better understand yourself and empower yourself. A holistic and balanced approach to the mind, heart, Spirit and body. Completely supported and guided by three facilitators. 

Empowerment Programs


Giving is the best part of what we do. You are a beautiful to this Earth and deserve to be given amazing things. Check out our selection of gifts and give-aways, from Nadora with love.

Gifts For You


Essential oil blends, orgonites, affirmation cards and wellness boxes - all the tools you need to fully embody your beautiful life journey with Nadora. Explore our products that can further enhance your connection and empower you.

Wellness Products

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Browse our series of 7 and 28 day courses, which we call 'journeys', covering a range of different topics for the mind, heart, body and Spirit. Starting from as little as $2.99 AU - there is something for everyone.

Short Courses


We bring you retreats and workshops - online and in person that align with our empowerment programs and give you the time and space to restore, reset and rejuvenate with the truth of ALL of who you are.

Workshops & Retreats


Every Tuesday we share  a FREE online pick a card reading where you can ask a question about a person, or situation, and using your own of intuition, receive meaningful and heartfelt guidance.

Tuesday Choice


Energy work transcends physical location, no matter where you are in the world, you can benefit from our online healings and readings. Including life regressions, tarot readings, online healings and distance reiki.

Healings & Readings


Connecting the mind, heart and Spirit through gentle and practical guidance. Bring yourself understanding of the energies that surround us and that we interact with every day. Astrology, card readings, affirmations, 

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