Respect Your Boundaries

Card 4

Card 4

Respect Your Boundaries

Self knowledge, self acceptance and self love. Dear one... you are a special, unique and amazing creature of this Earth. It is always important for us to respect ourselves so that we are able to establish clear, unconditional boundaries for others.

You do not need to change who you are, what you wish to do; your thoughts or beliefs - if you feel it in your heart it must be true - the heart, she knows. Give yourself permission to be content with YOU right here and right now - place one hand over your heart and tell yourself that it is okay, that you are safe, and protected and completely divinely guided to be and do as you please.

Be unafraid in showing and expressing all of who you are. Setting healthy boundaries or detoxing from things that are unempowering may also help you further here. Be mindful of what are watching, listening too and giving to your body.

Honour yourself and your beliefs and step forward as your true, authentic self... this will command respect (in a gentle and loving way). It is important that you are clear with yourself first, be in agreement with what you say, what you feel and what you do... alignment in these areas first is key to moving forward with the situation in question.

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