Card 4

Card 4


Things happen; to you, to me, to them, to everyone. What happens next... well that is up to us. We can continue to relive and replay the past over and over, dragging our feet and our energy through the past, or we can choose one day (maybe today) that everything, right now, is okay. You made it, you're here and you are amazing!

As hard as you think it may be; it is empowering to give thanks and appreciation to what has brought you to this moment. You would not be who you are and where you are if it wasn't for you and your amazing ability to adapt, to grow, to strengthen and to stretch forward. No matter your path, every single one of us have had our own variation of struggle, hardship, pain and fear - there is no need to compare or judge - no one truly knows what another has been through or is going through now.

However, this card reminds you that you are now at a crossroads, there is a great opportunity now for you to reach for even more! More love, more abundance, more of anything you are dreaming of. The better situated you are to embrace your past, the more you will be open to what you are aspiring to be, to have, to hold. This is a card that represents a healing so that you may gently walk peacefully once again.

She emerges from a dark past, a journey from which she never thought she might survive. Her hair still knotted from the struggle. However tough a path she has walked, she is still open, she is trusting her gut instincts and growing from within. Her heart radiates light, the flame burns within her to keep going. She has no fear of her past returning, she knows she is anchored in her own strength and resilience; no regrets, no judgements.

What is calling you forward?

Dearest Soul

Ever have those days when you just feel wobbly, unclear, and out of alignment with the person that you feel you are... or want to be?

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Soul Connection

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