Path Awareness

Card 4

Card 4

Path Awareness

Purpose, it is a big word that can hold a lot of meaning in one's life. Do you feel you have a purpose? Do you know what it is? Do you struggle to define it? Do you feel you stray from it at times? It is all okay, dear one, this card asks you to relax your grip and trust that you will always be gentle guided back to your path with a deeper sense of clarity and meaning.

The wisdom you gain from each 'adventure' in your life, acts to further serve your purpose; increases your awareness and deepens your connection to yourself and the trust you have for all you have experienced so far in this life time. You do not need to relive your past to be grateful for the lessons you have learnt here - you do not need to replay past hurts and pain to understand how they have shaped you - this is already a part of you.

You are being reassured here that all is well and to be willing to give yourself and the situation in question a little bit more love and understanding. Forgiveness is a powerful tool, most of all for you to forgive yourself and consider working further to release the hold your past is bringing to your present moment. Be excited for all that is to come.

Card Affirmation: If I sincerely ask, I am always guided back to the right path for me and to my central purpose.

Dearest Soul

Ever have those days when you just feel wobbly, unclear, and out of alignment with the person that you feel you are... or want to be?

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