Show That You Care

Card 3

Card 3

Show That You Care

Give and you will receive... sounds simple right!? There may be those around you that could do with some extra love, comfort, support and attention this week - the first people, situation or group that comes to mind for you right now is not an accident.

I feel this isn't the time for solitude, but more of recognising and embracing our intimate and meaningful connection to one another. We are a social being and each of us want to be seen for exactly who and what we are; no filters, no ideals; simple, perfect and imperfect - all at once.

There is no shame in need help or asking for assistance, choosing to be vulnerable in this way is actually an empowering step forward to admitting that you can't do it alone... no one should have to do it alone. We sub-consciously seek out and are drawn to like minded people, groups where we share a common idea or interest... why? To feel as though we are part of something greater than ourselves, to feel as though we belong, have a purpose and have a safe space to share our true and authentic selves.

Be aware, take notice of what opportunities are presenting themselves you this week so that you may connect. Show compassion - we are all such similar creatures, craving such similar things.

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