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Spirit Affirmation Cards

Spirit Affirmation Cards


Embrace your individuality and connect to guidance, support and empowerment. You are ready! You are here, seeking an avenue of energetic responsibility for your choices and your destination. This deck of 52 affirmations allows you to choose a card to work with each week. Begin a subconscious redefining of your ideas and beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.


These cards are designed to be used as a journey of value, self-discovery and acknowledgement. Through these attributes comes your authentic creativity and responsibility for self, choices and life as a whole.

Card size is 70mm square - perfect to carry around with you every day.

This deck is a bridge between the conscious and the sub-conscious. 


This is how we suggest using them;

Randomly choose a card to work with for the week (or you may like to hand pick a particularly affirmation)

Read the card aloud right before you go to bed each night.

Have a full glass water bottle or glass of water by your bedside, once you have read the card aloud, place the card underneath or on top of the bottle or glass.

As you are reading the card aloud, have the intention and energy of what you are saying move into the water.

Have a peaceful night's sleep.

Upon waking re-read your affirmation aloud three times, putting further intention into your water... then drink.

The water that has been infused by this energy and intention then flows into your beautiful body, into your cells and into every part of you.

Feel free to carry the card with you throughout the day, repeating the entire affirmation or just the final 'I AM' statement over and over to yourself as many times as you can remember.

Repeat over 7 days / nights

This combination of repetition, influencing water and accessing the sub-conscious part of mind before and after sleep are a especially powerful combination to enable these affirmations to transform your energy.

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