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What Is The World Coming To?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021


“In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

As we shift now into the transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn in the dual hemispheres of the world, we are clearly entering into yet another moment of change yet this time it is one of great transformation!

We are now experiencing our daily lives with various levels of awareness around our choices or perceptive lack of choices as they meet us as individuals, families, communities, nations and as most importantly, as one humanity.

Some of us feel more certain than others but no matter our history or our present situation, I have no doubt that we all want something new, something different and something better in our lives – something to bring us more joy, peace and fulfilment.

Over these past 18 or so months, we have each faced our share of disruption to what we once considered “normal life” and within that, we have hopefully found at least a little time to slow down… to think, consider and assess our lives…

What does the heart want?...

What does the Soul want?...

What are we living for?...

Are we living for a means or are we living for life itself? I know most people would be familiar with the phrase “making a living” and in reality, it’s probably how most of us spend our time here, but given the choice would we trade “making a living” for “living life”?

Together with the beautiful minds and hearts across the world, could we not find a way to rise above our fears and our differences and settle on an ideology of life that centres around life itself - the cultivation of life, the creation, elation and celebration of life itself?

A life where building a strong sense of self, strong families, strong communities and strong nations is endorsed

because we recognise that strong individuals and families look outside of themselves for nothing.

These families raise strong children, that are moral, healthy and on a path of integrity, and compassion that earn them the gift of building a better future for themselves, for their children and for their children’s children.

This world thrives on the cooperation between all members of society

regardless of race, gender, or class

because each person understands that, like a body, all parts

bones, organs, systems etc working in alignment to sustain life and to thrive

the perfect, function of a world requires that each part does its job and supports the other parts

that each person takes personal responsibility whilst simultaneously supporting one another as a collective family

as humanity.

We each want our needs met, our voices heard, and our values respected and a big part of that requires that we to are willing and able to support and respect the needs, the voices and the values of others. We are human – we are free, living beings – we are not cogs in a wheel nor bricks in a wall – we all have value and we are not all the same.

Recognising our differences and our connection to one another is where we are fully able to step into our self-lead role of human right, personal responsibility and collective obligation to one another and to the Earth to create a healthier society… one that respects the needs of others but demands a foundation of ‘do no harm to others’.

In this world, we are free to cultivate and activate within ourselves natural beauty – by mimicking the natural world around us – singing, dancing, writing, painting, building, crafting and creating from the very best of ourselves. Upholding the ideals of life, of rebirth and rebuilding ourselves and our nations and peace throughout the world – to be strong and to chart our own destiny whilst upholding the principles of natural law – the fundamental power or source that drives all life forward.

This world is possible when we embody our personal power.

This world is attainable when we realise our true nature and potential.

This world is realised when we wake up and choose it.




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