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Winter is the Season of going deep within, replenishing and reconnecting.

In the external world, life appears to be at rest. The air turns cold, the ground ices over and nature retreats to build reserves in preparation of the beginning of a new cycle. Growth does not stop, but rather it is hidden, turning within to nurture and support what is there.

We start out seeking shelter, protection and warmth staying home and spending time in quiet hibernation and reflection. It is easier to slow down, sleep and to allow ourselves rest.

For the internal world, we seek stillness to allow a pause between past action and new, as we are forced to surrender to the powers of the season, to turn within and see what lies beneath. This time calls us to our depths to reconnect to our inner being, to befriend the darkness both within us and surrounding us. All of our energy in this time is being summoned to examine the core of who we are and all that we may have been afraid to journey to up to now.

In this season of cold and darkness, we want to fill ourselves with light, love and wisdom. We want to feel nurtured, comfortable and safe with ourselves but often turn to sources outside of ourselves to feel full, enriched and to avoid being alone yet the access to our inner world is most easily accessible during this time.

We each have parts of ourselves that we believe we need to keep in the shadows and are taught that these parts are not ok. This creates emotional distortions within us as this way of seeing ourselves does not align with the Truth.

Winter allows us to be all things and more importantly, to be ok with being all things and then to have the strength and wisdom to find balance in choosing the middle path.

This season can reunite you with parts of yourself that need the most love and compassion.

Begin to see solitude as restorative… it offers you the opportunity to have conversations with the most important person in your life… you.

Winter is the season to:

  • Practice self-acceptance. Acknowledging fears thaws their hold so you can move forward.

  • Listen. Learn to hear your body and messages from others, your dreams, your Soul.

  • Nourish yourself inwardly and outwardly. Journal, reflect, eat whole foods and drink extra water.

  • Keep warm. Warm your neck and shoulder to support expression. Tend to your Soul.

Embrace it!

Read more about the other Seasons and how you can work with them and what Season your Soul is in (is it the same as your body?) See our other blogs below x

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