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What is DooT (Day out of Time) and why do we celebrate it?

Updated: May 31, 2022

For our entire lives, we have lived by the same system for measuring time cycles. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.

How many of us have questioned the mechanical nature of these methods?

If time where a wheel, as it turns, our measurements would be divided equally… but that’s not how we do things. Why?

4 x 30 days

7 x 31 days

1 x 28 days but 29 days every 4 years

Does this seem natural?

Before the creation of our current calendar, time was considered and clocked by means of the sky above us, and the 13 Moon / 28 day calendar mapped the movement of time for us in perfect balance and in accordance with nature.

13 x 28

Plus, one day a year that is of no moon and therefore no week – considered The Day Out Of Time.

This is a powerful, beautiful, and natural moment to embrace stillness, embody the pause between Universal breaths and BE creation.

This 'Beingness' is the feminine force of openness, emptiness, receptiveness and space. There is no force, no pressure, no movement… just a moment in which to witness the connectivity and creativity between self and all other things.

Celebrating this day and acknowledging this standard of time initiates a shift from a way of living that is mechanised, artificial and irregular, to a means for connecting to life that is more spiritual, cosmic and in harmony with the natural world that we are a part of.

Instead of seeking to control time and space, we become a part of it.

An agreed construct. Do you have enough? Are you trying to 'save' it?

If the means by which we organise our lives is artificial and out of sync with nature, then over time, so too becomes our mind and our internal systems. We live in a mental Universe – our thoughts create our reality therefore as our mind is, so then our world becomes.

On the Gregorian calendar, The Day Out Of Time – (DooT) – falls on July 25th of each year at the conclusion of 13 Moon cycles. This day is a day of celebration and joy as we recognise our creation and creativity as a masterpiece of art and expression. We recognise that there have been (and still are) many different calendars in use over human existence. We felt that this way of 'looking at' time, best encapsulates our connection to natural connection to the sky.

Art in all its forms takes us into a space of stillness where receptivity and offering - inspiration and expression become one. In these moments we feel peace within and so cultivate and share peace throughout the world – if we choose to embrace and embody the simplicity of this sense of time.

We celebrate this event annually by gathering together to hold space for one another, create with one another and express Truth from within ourselves in beautiful, creative and uplifting ways. There is laughter, sharing, and creativity through practices of honouring the body, processes that reconnect us with our Soul-self, and ceremonies of universal forgiveness that clear the way for us to begin each New Year cycle with compassion, love and liberation.

We honour the unity that we are as culminations of trine aspects –

that we are all PHYSICAL and MENTAL and EMOTIONAL

that we are all MIND and BODY and SPIRIT


that we have access to all HAVING and DOING and BEING

These things are symbolised by The Day Out Of Time banner of peace.

Since 1935, this banner has been internationally recognized as an instrument of peace.

Where there is peace there is culture, where there is culture there is peace.

Following this day, we begin again with The Thirteen Moon New Year's day on July 26 - Magnetic Moon 1. This date was originally correlated to the conjunction between our Sun and the rising of Sirius. The 13-moon calendar used by the Mayans and other ancient civilisations is not just a solar-lunar orbital measure, it is coded to these galactic timing cycles with Sirius and other celestial bodies. Through realignment with the 13-moon calendar, human consciousness can enter galactic consciousness.

We are ending time as we have known it and changing frequency to match.

Through our Soul Connection offer and other programs and events, we abide by this synchronicity of timing and frequency to support all those who journey with us to begin to view life through a new lens within which the cycles of time are synchronistic and synchronicity is our natural state.

In this flow… life feels in balance and things fall into place in Divine, creative timing.

You are the leader and the master of where you place your attention within every moment of time, and you are the decider of how time moves through your life.

Will you choose to be in time or of it?

Escape the restrictive control of mechanical time and surrender into creative synchronicity. Join us for our next DooT event.

We look forward to seeing you there.



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