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A Day out of Time

Winter Retreat


July 22nd – 24th

2 day - 2 night immersion in the lush rainforest of Arakoon, traditional lands of Dunghutti People.

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Join us for an online Day out of Time on the 24th July

A gathering of women
to nurture, reflect on life and feed the soul.
Image by Jeremy Bishop

Winter is the energy of the element Water - the time of rest and hibernation, when nature retreats to build up its reserves for its next cycle of seasons.

Return to your Divine Nature and embrace your ability to flow.

Join us for this powerful, beautiful, and natural moment of embracing stillness, embodying the pause between Universal breaths and BEING the very essence of creation.

Join us

Image by Becca Tapert
Your Beingness is the feminine force of openness, emptiness, receptiveness and space within which there is no force, no pressure, no movement…

just a moment in which to witness the connectivity and creativity between self and life.

This special women’s only retreat is uniquely designed to help you embody your true feminine nature in alignment with Earth’s Winter container of pause and preparation.

This is your time away to explore who you are outside of societal time, space and action to allow some of your more natural stirrings to awaken from beneath the surface…

for those inner whispers of your deepest Truth to be heard, and for you to Remember Her!

We are here to reclaim the Soul of the collective feminine, to remember her, to embody her.

You need
Day out of Time!
Image by Briana Tozour


Taking time out of time is about surrendering to actions and non-actions that support the Soul and your Divine nature. Journaling for deep reflection. Meditation, yoga and qigong for stillness and inner cultivation. Creative arts for soul revelation. Oracle divination as a means of acknowledging what we may have missed. Nature immersions for remembering our roots and our way. Ceremony for honouring the sacred heart of our journey. Conversation circles for witnessing self in others and holding space for our Beingness to emerge.

This gift to yourself of a few sacred days of space - in the company of other women who are also ready to step forward into their full power – supports the return of your true Divine nature.

The time of playing small is over. We have done that, and it is no longer our role here… it is not who we are. The collective now needs each individual to fully embody their Beingness.

It is time to remember who you really are and to prepare your heart and Soul for what you are here to share with the world.

This is your moment to rejuvenate and celebrate the Self, Sisterhood and creative Source energy.

Each day will have a deep experience of stillness, surrender, sanctuary and self-inquiry.

Arakoon Fire pit.webp


Perfectly positioned in sought after Arakoon on the Mid North Coast, this divine space was chosen for its sanctuary and surroundings. You will feel at home and fall in love with this beautiful home away from home surrounded by nature. Complete with open living spaces and large windows to support your return to the natural flow and ease of life, you will find plenty of space to honour yourself with time alone and enjoy the company of new friends around the warmth of the indoor fire or the open flames of the firepit.

Image by Anna Pelzer


All meals are seasonally considered, and Winter invites us to nourish a deep surrendering to the self. We will find grounded connection through shared homecooked feasts that honour and reignite childhood memories. In this hearty, warm nourishment we will hold the kitchen sacred as we nurture our bodies with rich flavoured slow-cooked meals, soups, pies, bakes and sweet soul indulgence such as puddings, chocolates and fruits. The menu is always primarily vegetarian, and vegan or gluten free can be easily accommodated.

Ebby Heart_edited.jpg

Ebony is a Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonialist initiated into the Ancient Andean Lineage of the 7 Rays.

A certified Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Asana teacher, with a focus on meditation and breathwork, Ebony lovingly guides you to reconnect to your heart and passionately empowers you to re-evaluate what is and isn’t working in your life. Knowing that there are always many paths and many ways forward, she encourages you to dive deep into the journey of your own soul and choose how it is you want to live and show up in this world.


Her nurturing and caring nature will allow you to feel guided with confidence through each practice as she guides you back into heart coherence and evokes your inner most Goddess energy.




Kylie is a qualified Spiritual Awareness Coach and Body Healing Alchemist who specialises in Beyond Quantum/Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Qigong. Kylie’s ability to see the bigger picture and to connect the dots between physical lives and your Soul life allows her to support the evolution of your Spirituality and the relationship between that and your physical life.


Her direct approach enables you to enact your choice and your power of personal responsibility along this path so that you can remove any energetic ties to victimhood and step forward to reclaim your life.


She guides your hypnotic journey and process of body awareness to access higher mind in unison with the heart in order to  move confidently along your awakened Soul path.

Tarot Reading with Tracy.jpg


Tracy is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot/Oracle Reader and is a practiced Animal, Earth and Nature Intuitive.


With a unique talent for interpreting energy within and around people, places and animals, she brings a deep inner wisdom and perspective through messages and insights that lay beyond your conscious level of awareness. Her compassionate and uplifting technique for interacting with the realms beyond the physical means that you are guided to take inspired action rather than just seek answers.


She guides you through intuitive connection practices to support you as you practice trusting your own intuition and embodying the sacred wisdom of the natural world and the cosmic Universe with creative intention.

Join Ebony, Kylie and Tracy - Your guides of over 57 year combined experience in Yoga, Qi, Soul Alchemy, Spirit Coaching, Sacred Ceremony, Oracle Reading, Women’s Empowerment and Healing.

Divine Feminine spirituality

Nourishing food

Qigong, mindfulness and meditation

Vibrational healing

Earth based seasonal practices

Crafting Workshops

Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony

Soul Dream temple


Time as Art

And the return of your Divine inner Goddess

see Her, hear Her, feel Her, embody Her!



Welcome Winter Feast
Breathwork, Meditation and Mindfulness
Earth Mandala, Circle and Connection
Soul revelation painting
Card Readings
Silent walk pilgrimage and journaling
Essential Oil Anointments
Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony
Seated Qi Flow
Soul Sanctum

It is our purpose in this life to retrieve our innate gifts - those which are our divine birth right -

our authentic purpose because these things are needed in this world.

We are here to remember ourselves as we REALLY are - a divine being embodied on this Earth journey.

But… often we feel disconnected from the sacred Beingness within.
This is the deepest source of suffering- to feel lost and forgotten in who we truly are.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

We, as women, exhibit separation as one of our most profound shadow aspects.

And as we internally compartmentalise the qualities within ourselves that we don’t understand or aren’t ready to face, we project this separation out into the world and withdraw from others.

Separation becomes comparison, contention and competition - and robs us of our deep inherent joy, peace & contentment.

Image by Patrick Schneider

In stillness and surrender, we allow the natural flow of our Beingness to begin to call all of our pieces back together again, to reclaim them as our own…

and in this beautiful communion with your Divine Feminine nature…  

you are free.

For these days and nights together, you will have the space and time to reclaim who you are.

You will have the inclination to
surrender and breathe.

You will
rest deeply and celebrate joyfully.

And you will bear witness to your
inner resolve and restoration.

Image by Becca Tapert

This is a 2day – 2night commitment to yourself to unplug and surround yourself with a circle of Goddesses just like you, to reconnect with nature and deeply remember yourself.

So that you can deeply rest and reset back to you, please note that we encourage the “packing away” of mobile phones and cellular devices throughout most activities so that you, and others, can receive the most benefits of your time out of time.

This retreat focuses on nourishing the quiet and hidden aspects of Feminine wisdom through balanced, sustainable food choices, honouring body movements and the wonder and beauty supplied in nature.

We invite you to consider this as an individual and collective space of surrender and connection away from everyday life when you contemplate joining us. This immersion is ALL INCLUSIVE therefore you only require your essentials, your readiness to lean in, your willingness to surrender to the process and the allowing of yourself to be completely present and authentic.

This is an alcohol-free event.

This is an exchange of energy

There is no single magic solution to achieve this balance, but rather a collection of small transformations that can have an immense impact on daily life.

We are all at varying stages of our journey and the intention of Embody Nadora is to meet you where you are and to encourage your progress.

Our belief is that joy, peace and connection is obtained only when we arrive at a place of harmony between body, mind, heart and spirit.

We will hold space for you to show up as you are and to just BE. We offer you a container that is warm, supportive, safe and sovereign. We lovingly commit to affirming and seeing you as you celebrate yourself and remember your way home.

We take care of your time to make sure you feel comfortable and secure in your surrender to the resilient, beautiful, Goddess that you are.

Throughout this retreat, we promise that we will each show up for you, to be as present, open and honest in our guidance and offerings.

We understand that stepping out of the known into the depths of Winter, away from the external world can bring up resistance and discomfort. We are here for you and in service to your journey as you reclaim your path and relearn to celebrate who you are.

Winter Retreat Details at a Glance

When: Friday 22nd July 5.00pm to Sunday 24th July 5.00pm

Where: Arakoon, Mid North Coast of NSW

Why: A space for Women to embody their Goddess Within and be held in their Winter Season.

Exchange: Starting from $1222 (per person and all inclusive). Payment plan options are available.  

All credit card payments incur a nominal booking fee. Direct bank transfers are available for deposit and retreat payment, please email us to request details.

Price does not include transportation to or from venue. 

Arakoon is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. It is a 4.45 hr drive north from Sydney and a 5 hr drive south from Brisbane. The easiest way to get here is by car.

The closest airport is Coffs Harbour (1.15 hr drive south) and Port Macquarie (1 hr drive north).

Rideshares are encouraged – let us know if you need a lift & we can work some magic to match you up with a lift. Please confirm at time of booking where you’ll be travelling from if you need a lift or would like to offer one.

Image by Becca Tapert

Celebrating this day and acknowledging this standard of time initiates a shift from a way of living that is mechanised, artificial and irregular, to a means for connecting to life that is more spiritual, cosmic and in harmony with other natural worlds that we are a part of.

Instead of seeking to control time and space, we become a part of it.
 We invite you to join us in gathering to hold space for one another, to create with one another and to express Truth from within ourselves in beautiful, creative and uplifting ways.
We entice you to remember your Divine, joyous, childlike nature through laughter, sharing, and creative practices that honour the body, reconnect us with our Soul-self, and practice universal forgiveness that clears the way for us to begin a new cycle with compassion, love and liberation.

We look forward to being in service to you and honouring your path home

as you choose to honour the natural Divinity within you.


We will see you there.

Embody Nadora

We are three Soul Sisters devoted to finding ways to bring more balance and harmony into our busy lives as women. We understand how difficult it can be to find time to uplift yourself and others, to nourish your body, mind and heart, to connect with self and others and to live in the moment. Therefore, we designed this series of Seasonal retreats using a holistic approach to the natural rhythms and cycles that we are a part of here on Mother Earth, with a focus on empowering your inner voice, nurturing your every cell, and returning you to nature.

With years of experience running groups, masterclasses, and retreats, you will eat delicious, home cooked meals, laugh and feel at home with our light hearted antics on life, smile at the breathtaking locations you find yourself in, and leave feeling accepted, understood, rejuvenated, and purposefully peaceful.

We know your time with us brings relaxation and reflection and we are honoured to share this space with you.

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