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The seasons demonstrate for us the same cyclic process of growth that we ourselves, transition through. As the world turns, and the Sun transits, we are reminded that all things are temporary and evolving. With conscious awareness, we can choose to align with these cycles of growth and bring about our own internal leaps in consciousness.

Each change of energy offers some key moments of insight that really help us to understand and work through the expressive and transitional phases of these annual cycles and it helps to consider this concept in a multi-layered, multi- faceted approach.

Whether we are talking about the life cycle of cells or the way the planets move and beyond, all things abide by this natural transition, process, order and design, even our emotions, which is important because emotions are our driving force – the reason we feel compelled to act.

The world around us is full of cycles within cycles

Seasons show not only the cycle process itself, but also the relationship between the cycles from the micro to the macro – they are something we all know, can understand and relate to. All cycles are relevant and all of them are interrelated in how they move together, work together and spiral together to create change. Each is driven by the same connected force that pushes all life forward, to evolve, to grow and expand. And we are no different, only we are not just physical beings therefore we are not just effecting by these cycles on a physical level.

From the Micro to the Macro

We are spiritual. We seek to connect, be inspired and revel in uplifting feelings.

We are mental. We like to try new things, challenge ourselves by learning new things and have conversations that are deep and thought provoking.

We are emotional. We desire to feel joy and love, to turn towards what feels good and away from what hurts or doesn’t feel good.

All these of these things make us human beings.

We plan for the future. we have imagination and a desire for evolution. Sometimes we get caught up in the physicality of life and we try to accumulate instead of expand attempting to fill the void with physical things. This is a similar energy, but in reverse, to how we try to hold on so tight to things – people, situations, possession, habits, ideas, even when they aren’t good for us. We fear the void or the emptiness that they will leave behind. We become accustomed to having these things and they become a part of our identity. But it doesn’t work because physical things are not what we are really looking for and we cannot prevent the cycle of events from taking place. We can only fill this void from within and we can only learn to accept the cycle.

Going with the flow

By being conscious and deliberate in understanding and working with the cycles instead of pushing against or resisting them, we can better understand the value and expansion that is on offer for us. Just by witnessing the cycles we notice that we can evolve and grow any aspect of self – spiritual – mental – or emotional - just by choosing to do so and this all stems from our consciousness.

Consciousness is Life Force. It is often thought to exist only from the mind, but it is actually the ability to perceive and know oneself through love.

It is a combination of mind and heart - thought and emotion.

This consciousness - this love energy is Creation! It is what we feel come alive within us as passion and purpose and it is what drives growth, expansion and evolution to become more than what we are in this present moment.

And we again, can see this pattern of potential everywhere if we are paying attention.

The caterpillar building their cocoon is not fully aware of why it is shutting itself away but is instinctually following the cycle and feelings that it this is what it needs to do for itself in order to grow.

The seed of the great oak tree, buried deeply in the cold dirt waits alone and dormant in the darkness until one moment it awakens with the urge to break open and push itself up through the surface to meet the light of the sun.

Or the chick inside the egg that begins chipping away at the only home its ever known, not knowing what’s on the other side, but outgrowing its current space and feeling that it is time to hatch out of the darkness and step out into whatever comes next.

In all these instances, there is a natural cycle of evolution and, for us, it is usually emotion that initiates or triggers this evolution – this cycle of change.

We all know negative emotions - hopeless, helpless, dark, down, lonely, depressed, anxious, afraid, uncertain, lost –we all know these times. We know they weigh us down because they feel heavy and we know that they are things that everybody feels sometimes - yet they are feelings they we don’t often share or are afraid or ashamed to talk about.


One reason is that we believe that talking about these feelings and situations can cause us to lose respect because people will think less of us somehow if we struggle with negativity.

Another reason is that we are often taught that these feelings are not ok and we are not good for having them and so we learn to ignore and pretend that we aren’t experiencing them.

But when we ignore our own emotional cycles and don’t process all the things that are coming up to the surface for us to deal with, we get stuck in these damaging emotional patterns – going around and around. And the more we go around, the harder it becomes to break the cycle and this leads to deeper destructive thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

So, rather than ignoring and pretending our emotions aren’t real or valid, there is another way.

We can choose another way…

And it begins with understanding the cycles of life and the cycle phase we are in.

Emotions have a purpose, but we have to be willing to go there, to dive deep within ourselves, to look and to learn about their place within our evolution for the process to work for us, because in every stage of the cycle, emotions are our indicators that are trying to challenge and push us to the edge of our current perspective – our current point of self-awareness and guide us into expansion. And when we get there, we need to have enough awareness of self-understanding and discernment of what is really going on in the bigger picture – in the bigger cycle of our own evolution – so that we can choose what action we want to take – either to move forward and grow in to the unknown or turn back to the zone of comfort.

What often determines our choice is how much more we are aligned with one or the other – how ready we are, how tired we are of being on the hamster wheel, of living the same thing over and over. How excited we are by the potential and possibility of what comes next, even if we don’t know what that ‘next’ is.

What follows is a breakdown of the cycle of emotional evolution and how each relates to the seasons. Consider your present-day life, in all areas, and see if you can discern what emotional season you may currently be in.

There are four phases which circle around and around regardless of our attention to them. Understanding them is what brings consciousness to the process and allows you to take steps to shifting potentially damaging or difficult cycles into a more ease filled flow state.

Remember that consciousness is creation and so this is how we consciously begin to create life.

Stage 1 - AdaptationAUTUMN – In this stage we go with the flow and follow expectation. This energy is instinctive for survival as we assess and feel into a situation, weighing things up and cataloguing what we have access to and what we don’t have access to. This can really feel like a lull state of just going through the motions, ticking boxes and just emotionally ‘meh’ where sure… things are comfortable enough but they aren’t overly joyous and exciting either. In this space, we are creating awareness of our options… what to keep, what to let go of, what to do more of what to stop doing. Without awareness of where we are, we cannot move forward.

Stage 2 - RestrictionWINTER – This stage brings us into a pace of feeling restricted or confined by what our adaptation has brought us to the realisation of. This time can feel confronting as we have to now face a level of Truth around what we now want/need/desire. Because of that, we can become quite vulnerable and uncertain as we question what may be available to us beyond the current moment. In this energy we can isolate ourselves from the world in an attempt to sort ourselves out and decide what is right for us without distraction and outside opinion. This is healthy, however not allowing ourselves this time and space can put us under pressure and into an emotional ‘argh’ that causes us to act before we are ready and so we run the risk of allowing our boundaries to be crossed. Either way, a choice is made in this phase… break out of the restrictive feeling and expand into the unknown or turn back to what is comfortable and known and continue the cycle from there.

Stage 3 - CooperationSPRING – In this stage, whether we have chosen expansion or continuation, brings into a space of cooperation and acceptance about our decision. If we have chosen comfort, this moment can feel a little emotionally ‘ohwell’ ish. But… if we have chosen expansion, we will notice the universe begin to shift around us and bring new opportunities and pathways into our lives. This symbiotic unfolding is happening within us as well in this stage of the cycle as our heart & mind become synchronised. This alignment on all levels, unleashes a waterfall of inspiration, potential, abundance, excitement, a shift toward a new sense of comfortability and a big emotional ‘ooooh’ as you float in the blissful possibilities.

Stage 4 - Integration - SUMMER – This stage bring the creation of our decisions within the cycle into full light where we can begin to recognise the purpose of it all. This moment feel alive with meaning and reason and emotionally ‘ahhhh’ as satisfaction, flow and empowerment within our growth is realised. Here we can see how far we have come and there is a deep sense of cohesion with it all. We can recognise a new sense of rhythm and motion in life as we learn to take ownership over our choices, relax into our I AMness and celebrate the magic of the cycle.


As we begin to get comfortable exploring this level of integration, we eventually reach the outskirts and become aware of what potential could be on the other side. With this, the integration phase slowly becomes the next adaptation phase, and the cycles continues.

We never stop.

We just keep going and so we just keep growing.

If you want to know more or are interested in going deeper, explore our other seasonal blogs or take our quiz to find out which season you may be in right now in one or more areas of your life.


Emotions have a purpose, each one is valid and worthy of your attention, they can be your most valuable tool if you learn to use them.

Restriction always precedes creation and growth, so if you are feeling down or overwhelmed in any way or any area of life, trust that there is a reason for it and bring your awareness to it rather then try to hide from it.

Emotional unease is just an indicator and will always peak at the point of potential growth.

Change always begins with awareness and there are endless amazing things just on the other side of where you are so just ask yourself - are you ready to breakthrough or are you going turn back?

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