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What do the Seasons have in Store for you...

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Nature has no accidents.

Trust that you have found yourself here for a reason... receive awareness and insights into the Earthly seasons and the connection these cycles have with our Soul and our Soul's journey. This intricate relationship is always accessible and is just waiting to be developed.

Find out what season you are currently in, how to embody the energy of each season and how you can use this information and knowledge to empower yourself in your everyday life.



The seasons offer us a way to understand the patterns and cycles of life on every level, how things change, flow, and how we ourselves fit into the macrocosmic infiniteness of the Universe. Recognising this connection allows us to work with this natural rhythm to best contribute to our overall well-being and happiness. Seasonal cycles show us the transitions between the stages of ALL evolutionary change. In reference to where you are, this change is growth and knowing how the seasons perpetuate evolution can allow you to discern the energy of the moments you are working with so that you can choose your responses for what is coming rather than react in uncertainty and unpreparedness.

By understanding the seasonal energy in this way, you can create purposeful shifts and make empowered choices that balance your own internal energy and bring you back into alignment with the natural, rhythmical symphony of which we are all a part.

The cycle is what creates flow - like a turning wheel. This means that it doesn't matter where you are in the world or which cycle the Earth is going through, what matters is developing the awareness of where YOU are and allowing that wheel to turn so that you can directly redefine your growth and direction with intention.

The Seasons


The season of transformation, adaptation and letting go. We learn to use our instincts for survival, for developing awareness and for feeling into situations. We weigh up what we need and what we don’t. Autumn is a time of doing what needs to be done for our own good.


The season of uncovering, reconnecting and replenishing. We reveal our vulnerabilities and begin to outgrow our present restrictions. We challenge what we know about ourselves and empower our sense of desire and deservedness. Winter is a time of choosing.


The season of possibility, inspiration and growth. We delight in the potential of every moment and enjoy the limitless abundance of the unknown. We experience balance and synchronicity within and witness the unfolding of beauty around us. Spring is the time of rebirth.


The season of illumination, creation and celebration. We embrace the cohesion of our creation and take ownership over all that we are. We find our own style and rhythm and relax peacefully into the peace of where we are. Summer is the time of integration.

The Seasons through Tarot

Autumn - Swords

The Swords are the suit of the mental realm; our thoughts, our mind and our intellect. The bring us the connection to our inspired choices, new ideas, light to decisions that are to be made, our personal power and communication. Swords cut through illusion and bring us truth, revealing our obstacles and blockages that it is time to break through.

Winter - Cups

The Cups are the suit of our emotions; intimacy, family connection, love, our memories, home life and spirituality. This is the suit of our instinct, they help us reveal the current state of relationships and where we may like (or need) to contemplate more. Cups reveal to us our inner most feelings and secrets, how we relate to ourselves and to others.

Spring - Pentacles

The Pentacles are the suit of the material world; our possessions, money, work, our health, business dealings, our physical body, careers and education. This suits brings to the forefront of our awareness what it is our bodies are telling us. Pentacles show how we are affected by the material world around us, the importance we place on it and areas we can grow in.

Summer - Wands

The Wands are the suit of excitement and passion; chasing our dreams, creative expression, celebrations, inspiration and aspiration. This suits brings us the drive for movement, joy and ambition. Wands bring us awareness to what we are able to transform and shift in order to overcome challenges and fulfil our purpose.


Take the Quiz - Which Season Are You In?

Take our quiz to find out which season your Soul is currently in (not based on where or when in the World you are, but where you find yourself along your journey). This quiz will allow you to find out more about what you can do within that season to support your soul.

At the end of the quiz you can sign up to gain access to 'Working With The Seasons' - an eBook that offers you even more practical ways to include this seasonal energy in your life and achieve greater ease and flow.

At times when we feel a little disconnected, overwhelmed or out of touch with the unfolding of daily life… connecting with the natural procession of the Seasons is the beginning of remembering our relationship with the greater world.

We do send you updates on the seasons, universe, astrology and intuitive tarot readings for the signs of the zodiac. With the intention support your journey of self understanding and connection to all that is. The more you know about what is happening within the bigger energetic picture, the easier you will find it to align these energies to your own life.

You are a beautiful gift 🌹 It is time for embodied living at the Quantum level. Come home to who you are - join us at Soul Connection. Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x Embody Nadora

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