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INSIDE YOUR MIND ~ How to create lasting changes in 7 simple steps.

Evolution is an amazing thing. It is happening all around us, all the time.

We are not exempt from this process.

Our body’s, our minds and our thinking are not exempt from this process.

In fact, we ARE this process.

What we term ‘evolution’ is simply put, billions upon billions of cells, atoms and molecules subtly adapting to interact as easily and fluidly as possible with the environment around them.

And what is it that is responsible for creating that environment?

Well… we are!

Through the works of people such as Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, it is now understood that perception controls biology.

Our perceptions being governed by our genetics, our instincts, and our subconscious and creative programming; these factors or filters determine how we see life, determines our behaviour and in turn influences our genetics.

No two people see the world in the same way. Each of our perceptions are different based on our point of reference; what we have been taught.

That’s right… we learn to see the world and ourselves based on the interactions we have with the environment around us.

What we believe creates our reality.

What we believe creates our biology.

Ultimately there are no victims based on genetics, rather you are responsible for whatever unfolds and, as confused or angry as that may make you in the beginning, the awareness of this one concept can become your most powerful piece of wisdom.

If you are responsible for where you are now, then you have the power to change it.

So how does it work?...

Our interactive perception system consists of our five senses. We see, we hear, we touch, we taste, and we smell.

We also have an invisible perception system which is governed by our spiritual integrities. This system is beyond the access of our physical senses and is how we filter our physical perceptions. This is the system that determines what we think and feel about the reality we perceive with our 5 senses.

These systems work in unison to create our reality, yet so few of us are consciously using them together.

The perception aspects of the mind are separated into two main segments; feeling mind and thinking mind but the two did not evolve simultaneously.

Our beginnings were simple, physical based lives. The reptilian brain. Fight or flight.

This is the most ancient part of the brain and contains the cerebellum which connects directly to the spinal cord. Every automated function to sustain life begins here. Muscle control, balance, breathing, heartbeat, digestion and reproduction are governed by this primitive part of the brain.

Survival based, instinctual in existence, we lived with the Earth and the elements.

From here, the limbic system or mammalian brain developed to regulate the motivations and emotions that we associate with reproduction, feeding, social and attachment behaviours.

Survival is now predicted on the avoidance of pain and the repetition of pleasure as this part of the brain evaluates everything as either agreeable, (pleasure), or disagreeable, (pain). This segment of our evolution caused us to want to please and fit in in order to avoid judgement and ridicule. This is feeling mind ~ it is the aspect of mind that correlates to our inner being sense of who we are and what we need. This is the elder part of our minds survival mode and to this day associates to a fear of not getting what we want or need in order to survive. Feelings are very different from emotions.

Read the paragraph above again - it is the key to SO MUCH self understanding and self empowerment...

Through the development of social behaviours for survival means, we became intellectual, mind-based beings. The development of emotional based judgement and assessment giving us a desire to compete with one another. We existed in a manner of thought, thinking and reasoning our way through life and decisions.

In this state we collectively embrace both physical and mental aspects of self and living. This is thinking mind ~ it is the youngest aspect of mind that applies logic and rationale to the other parts. Thought mind can be further separated;

Conscious mind ~ is the centre for communication and the ego or persona. It is the driver behind action and order when empowered and enlisted to do so. It can be evoked and controlled.

Subconscious mind ~ is the reader of the feeling aspect of mind. This is store house of recurring thoughts, feelings, habits and patterns of behaviour to act as an advocate in recalling such for unconscious defence of the ego.

Unconscious mind ~ is the reactionary aspect of mind that holds our long term memories and accesses the bigger picture. It communicates with us through inspired thought, dreams and imagination.

Changing our life requires changing our beliefs, which requires finding holistic balance, which requires working towards a unified mind.

Through understanding our sources of perception, our instincts, our habits, our genetic and subconscious programming, we can awaken and empower our conscious mind to rewrite, rewire and reprogram our lives.

We have the ability to directly and purposefully affect our biological environment through consciously choosing our emotional and mental well-being.

We can choose to be well…

To be happy…

To be free.


How do we do it?

#1 – Identify what area of your life you wish to create a shift in

#2 – Get to know what your current beliefs are around the subject. How does it make you feel? Where does the belief come from? Is it rational or true for you now?

#3 – Create a new projection story of what things will look and feel like once you create a shift.

#4 – Shorten your story into a short phrase or affirmation that encompasses the overall sentiments.

#5 – Recite or write the full sentiment several times upon waking, before going to sleep and if you choose, during meditation to engage subconscious mind.

#6 – Condense your phrase or affirmation into a short, 3 or 4 word I AM… intention phrase to remind your conscious, creative mind throughout the day.

#7 – Record progress in a journal for further self-reflection.

Change is growth, We hear about these situations everyday – people recognising their pain, their "stuckness", their confusions and frustrations and some hidden force urging them to try something else, or to move forward in a new direction within one or many areas of their life. If you are one of these people that aren’t acting in your own best interests and are still spinning your wheels in the same repetitive cycle of knowing that you want change, but still not changing – it can only be due to 1 or all of these 4 reasons;

1 – you have no clarity of what you really want and why.

2 – you have some deeply recessed patterns of belief, emotion or behaviour that are counter intuitive to what it is you say you want.

3 – you are feeling removed or disconnected from the Truth of the Universe – being that you are fully seen, supported, and loved.

4 – you do not embody trust.

Each of these reasons is essentially a part of the one singular reason – and that is a disconnect between your mind, your heart and your spirit here within your physical body.

If you would like to work further with these concepts and embody more deeply what they mean for YOU and YOUR journey, consider joining our 'Ready For Change' 7 day program.

This is a 7 day, 22 step online journey that will help you discern and discover which area of life you are ready to change, prepare you for what you want and begin to set you up for making change a positive and uplifting experience. $4.99 AU (one off payment) or included FREE as part of our Soul Membership - Soul Connection

Thank you for reading, you are a beautiful gift.

Kylie xxx


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