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Summer is the season of warmth from within, growth and activity… of celebrating, giving, receiving with love, inspiration and passion.

In the external world, nature itself is moving, the plants are growing, bearing fruit, animals are producing and raising their young and life is busy. As a society we are outside, gathering in groups, enjoying the company of others in celebration. and as life flourishes in the warmth of the Sun and hearts together, we feel uplifted joyful and safe.

For the internal world, we boldly step out into the light to demonstrate who we are becoming and to be witnessed by those around us. We share moments, ideas and feelings with those we care about and the greater world by letting down our walls and allowing ourselves to feel safe, in control, have fun, laugh about life and to be excited and intimate. This is our moment to revel in the wonder of life and every way we contribute to it.

Summer brings out the potential for anxiety and panic as we may feel unready to share ourselves with us. This energy stands in front of our heart and shields us from hurt like a warrior defending their home. During this time we should practice discernment surrounding our inner truth and the mental noise that may be distracted us from how we feel emotionally within our own skin.

In this month of warmth and connection, the power to fully celebrate life and all its bounty emerges. As our gardens now mature and burst forward in the process of regeneration it is simultaneously our time to tend to our own inner fire and nurture the dreams and desires we still carry for life in expectancy of what we intend to create.

This season can stir up passion, love and excitement in all areas of life. Take time to stay balanced, relaxed and destress.

Through the expression of what’s within your heart… it offers you the opportunity to joyfully embrace where you are, recognise your inner most dreams and desires and act in ways that celebrates who you are and all that you have to share with the Universe.

Summer is the season to:

  • Take time to equally rest, play and breathe.

  • Make yourself available to the abundance of life around you by engaging your senses with a myriad of colours, sounds, textures, tastes and fragrances.

  • Listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition. The heart rules the mind and so when we know something with the heart it truly is a deeper knowing.

  • Eat slowly. Eat cooling foods and enjoy in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables or indulge in the foods of fire that are bitter such as kale, spinach or swiss chard. Drink lots of water.

  • Give yourself a good cardiovascular workout. The heart thrives as a muscle when it is stimulated. Move the blood. Move the energy. Take action.

Express it!

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