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I have spent a lot of time over the past 9 years talking to people about the power of choice and working to empower them to expand their awareness and tune into a higher perspective. During 2011 it became apparent to me, on some level of my knowingness – that the world we knew was not going to continue, that our ways of existing could not be maintained… because they were not natural, and they were out of sync with the natural world.

I can’t explain it any better than that… it was something I felt, and something I just knew… what isn’t natural cannot evolve and will ultimately cause chaos and destruction.

And here we are.

The days we are now living in require a higher level of thinking that arises from a mind beyond the conceptual brain. It requires us to choose to evolve, which is the essence of one of the very first downloads I ever received, which is probably why I preach it so hard! There has never, in the history of our planet, been a moment like this where we are facing a transition of time itself by having to deliberately expand our consciousness to remember what was lost so long ago.

The time for this is now! And I wonder who is ready to stand up and receive these natural truths that are inherent within all of us?

If this is a test, it is one we really want to pass!

Humanity is currently living in an artificial experience of time that is ruled by the irregular 12-month Gregorian calendar and the mechanical 60-minute clock.

This is not natural time. We know this because there is no harmonic rhythm. All of nature, all of life has a rhythm, a cycle, a transition of exchange from ebb to flow.

By changing our relationship with time, we change our perception of ourselves and the world as a whole.

So, what is time?

Like gravity, time is an invisible principle, fundamental to the universe, that affects space.

It is the universal factor of synchronization. It is creation in motion. It is a harmonic artform and opening ourselves up to innerstanding this real concept of time ushers in a realm of synchronicity and ease.

As guardians of Earth, it is up to each of us to assist the changes that are coming, like it or not, by consciously raising our own perceptions to include a greater awareness of our real world and as we each step up to do our part, we support the collective transition as well. This new way of seeing and connecting to life unifies science, spirituality and creation.

What is evolution anyway, but to learn something new?

The knowledge of natural time offers us a new lens through which to view our reality. It offers us codes to unlock the higher capacities of our mind which activates our remembrance that We are a very, very powerful force. Each of these codes returns the power back to us by triggering memories, opening our hearts and allowing us to reclaim our sovereignty by realigning us with the Truth of who we really are that is protected deep within our cells.

Natural time flows through 13 Moon cycles creating 28-day sequences within each solar cycle (13×28=364). The one extra day, July 25, is considered the Day Out of Time, and offers us a moment to practice time as creation, peace and love. Attuning to this method is the beginning of returning the mind to a more cosmic state of consciousness. It is a complete master system that embraces all true calendrical and mathematical systems, from lunar calendars, to the I Ching hexagrams, and the Mayan long count.

The Law of Time states that the entire cosmos is held together by a common timing frequency of 13:20 ratio constant, which sustains everything in perfect order and synchronization. It is the perfection of creation that promises that the eminence of beauty in nature is divine as a scientific and mathematical function of the fourth dimension. Read that paragraph again. EVERYTHING IN PERFECT ORDER AND SYNCHRONIZATION.

By contrast, the artificial, irregular, and mechanical time frequency we currently exist in is of 12:60 ratio and this is responsible for the current paradigm of ‘time is money’.

This is why we need to change!

A calendar is a template of time and the template we choose to live by becomes the classification system of society. The word “calendar” stems from the Latin word ‘calendarium’ meaning “account book”, with the first day of every month being ‘calends’ meaning “when debts fell due, and accounts were reckoned.”

Our current society is based on this mechanical clock in which the 8-hour day, 9-5 work-week is achieved by punching in and out of a time clock that is literally measuring the worth of our time – which we receive in money. Tether this to the unnatural operation of the 12 uneven months and the result, over time, is a world in chaos and disorder.

The purpose of a calendar coordinated with galactic time is simply to synchronise self with the natural rhythms of life that we are all a part of. And we invite you to start today by doing whatever it is you feel ready for…


Choose to make a change, to evolve and to step into a new time frequency:

· Create space. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Clear space – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let go of everything old that no longer serves you. Move your energy. Purify your body. Eat well. Drink extra water. Make way for all the new.

· Get to know yourself. Learn how your mind works. Get curious and practice tracing your thoughts back to their origin. Notice how many thoughts you have that are conditioned by “Time.” Waiting for things to happen, waiting for things to change, waiting, waiting, waiting. Are you living in the past? Are you focused on waiting for weekends, holidays, home time? Are your thoughts even your own? Where do they come from?

· Take action. Find ways to learn about and include natural time in your everyday life. Wake up with the sun. Turn the lights out at dusk. Pay attention to the movements of the Moon. Honour the changing seasons.

You can connect to all of this and more by joining us in our monthly Soul Conversation and our Soul membership Soul Connection.

Share time with us and synchronise your life with the universe. You are a beautiful gift.



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