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Smoke & Mirrors

What we see in the mirror doesn't always reflect the perceptions we have of ourselves.

I am under no illusion. I am well aware that my physical body has changed since the time before I had six children. (Yes, six! My hands are full... but my heart is fuller!) However somehow the mental picture I have of myself does not match the physical representation that exists in my physical world and what I came to realise as I pondered this idea was life changing.

Knowing what I know about energy and the universe,

  • that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrational energy

  • that everything that exists in our physical world is a denser version of the same vibrational energy

  • that our thoughts, feelings and emotions create our physical reality,

I puzzled as to why the way I felt, and thought I looked, was not a match to the physical "me" I saw... and knowing what I know about the energetic way of our world, which is really real?

And then I began to replay my story and understanding came to me.

I realised that I was still being held by my past beliefs.

Staring oddly at the person in the mirror, I realised that I have actually struggled with my image my entire life, perhaps unbeknown to many of the people around me.

As a young girl, I was short and developed later than most of my friends so I started high school resembling an eleven year old boy. One of my greatest talents as a teenager was pretending to be the confident person other people thought I was. Although I always knew who I really was, very few other people ever did.

There were many girls I went to school with who were so beautiful both inside and out. People whom appeared to be able to be themselves no matter what, people whom I was envious of. Who knows, maybe they were just like me. I hope they all knew how amazing and beautiful they were.

As teenagers, girls learn quickly to let their personal appearance dominate their attitudes towards themselves and their life. They learn to believe that how they 'look' matters more than how the 'feel'. Unfortunately, the media that we are all subjected to are selling this exact, inverted line of thinking. This is completely the wrong way around. It is false in every possible way and can actually be proven as false. If only someone had found a way to teach me that if I changed how I felt, I could have changed the way I saw myself and in turn, changed the way, I perceived, the world looked at me.

Turn forward the clock and the person starring at me in the mirror is no longer the same, insecure little girl. She is powerful. She is fierce. She has endured and overcome. She has disintegrated some unhealthy thoughts and habits about her existence which were the driving force behind the daily decisions to not take care of herself as well as she knows she should have. She knows she is worthy.

I have spent much of my adult life peeling back the layers of myself, getting to know myself, the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, having the knowledge about the world of energy and having the tools to make some serious changes, I am beginning to forge some new habits. Why? Because despite what I may have learnt to believe about myself throughout my childhood and adolescence, I am choosing NOW to believe something else.

I AM worth it and I AM beautiful and anyone who doesn't see that is just a victim of their own smoke and mirrors.

Starting today... I will reflect the person I am on the inside.

Starting today... I will treat myself and my body with the love and respect that I deserve.

Starting today... I will change the way I see myself.

People see what they want to see and our reality is what we make it.

Diet is one thing, exercise is another, but feeling good about yourself and learning to really love and embrace who you are; mentally, emotionally and physically... mentally, emotionally and physically... now that, is powerful.

Be YOU, there is only one.

Kylie x

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