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3 easy steps on how you can tune into your own Animal Guides & Allies

A time, not so long ago, we were living completely at one with the natural world... COMPLETELY at one. We followed the animals as they moved with the Earth's seasons, we understood the truth of sustainability, of taking only what we needed and of revering, honouring and respecting the land, air and water.

We understood the significance of the smallest ant and how it linked to us and our tribe... When the ants moved home, we knew rain was coming, when the ducks took flight, we knew seasons were changing; when the deer fled, when the wolves howled, when the kangaroo rested, when the frogs appeared.. we knew. We lived it, we survived, and we thrived alongside of it all.

We learnt from our elders, who learnt it from theirs and we taught this to our children. It was cyclical, it was whole, it was real. And it is something we have lost touch with.

However, our connection was never lost, just our awareness of it. Our connection to the Earth, to nature and the animals is very much around us, all the time. We want to bring you back to this space, a space of appreciation and willingness to 'see' again. To feel the heartbeat of Gaia and to be okay and ready and willing to ask for guidance and assistance as you need and then, to be open and ready to accept the messages as they come through.

Energy is within us and around us, always - it flows and changes form, it cannot be created or destroyed - it merely shifts from one state to another. Tapping into this ever present source of energy is available to everyone, at all times.

It's a true gift to me to share a way to connect to the energy of our guardian Gaia and the wisdom, solace, creativity and love of all her creatures.

1 - Ask. Your guides, angels and allies WANT you to ask. They are waiting on the wings to step in and help, guide and support. Be clear and concise with what situation or area you want help in, but do not limit yourself to what animal you wish to work with and don't try to define the solution. Ask simply... this, or something better.

2 - Be open. Once you have committed to asking for guidance from your animal allies, this doesn't mean sitting back and waiting. Open yourself to receive, take inspired action, notice the signs and signals as they come to you. Listen for song lyrics, repeating animals named in conversations on the TV, seeing their picture and their physical presence. Once you see a repeating pattern begin to emerge, start to bring into your awareness of what you were doing, saying, thinking and feeling when they appear for you - is there are a theme.

3 - Trust what comes. You may love working with Eagle, but perhaps Beetle is what you need right now. This comes with trusting what comes and not forcing your allies. There will be good reason, perhaps the Beetle needs you to know that it's time to get down and dirty and INTO your work, rather than soaring above it. When you receive your animal ally; start by making a list of all you know about the animal. Not just the physical aspects, but how you FEEL about them, how do they interact with tier own species, how do they care for their young, relate their traits and strengths back to your situation... what could you be doing more (or less) of.

Using the power of your animal allies allows you to embody the different strengths they possess - allows you to take on different viewpoints and ideas and to consider ways of doing things and handling situations in natural, harmonious ways.

Knowing that you are never, every truly alone can be a comforting concept for all of us. And trusting yourself to be able to call in the help, support, guidance you need, when you need it is empowering.

Tracy x


How you can work with this energy further...

Receive a personal animal guides reading

This is an empowering reading that works with your energies and what you need to know most right now. Working with this reading allows you to receive a intuitively sourced from your higher self and given to you in written form. The reading includes messages about what you guides want you to know right now and (at least) four different animals that are working with you now. This reading also includes instructions on how to connect with these animals yourself with the intention of having one of them step forward as your main guide for your personal situation or question. This is a reading and teaching in one. $55 AU


Join our online program - Animal Allies

Are you feeling drawn to call in your own animal allies in this moment? Work with us through our 7 step program where we will work through this process and guide you through calling in a personal animal ally for each of your four elements; air, water, fire and earth.

Do you know what animal guides and allies are walking with you right now? Using the power of nature and animals allows you to embody the different strengths they possess - allows you to take on different viewpoints and ideas and to consider ways of doing things and handling situations in natural, harmonious ways.

We invite you to a 7 day practice to connect, evoke and call in your personal animal allies for each of the four natural elements. Know that you are always protected and guided and you can ask for help whenever you need it.

Mini Journey - Animal Allies

Enjoy this 7 step program over as many days as you like; using it to tune in and connect to your own animal allies.

Journey through the four elements and open yourself to receive the messages and wisdom needed most right now. Remember, you are a powerful creator, you are able to manifest exactly what it is your need to hear and see most right now. All you need is an open heart and to gift yourself 5-10 minutes for each day of the practice. We have included 7 daily tasks that include a recorded prayer or meditation, questions for you to answer and a supportive online chat group with the ability to share your experiences and gain additional insights.

$4.99 as a one off purchase or FREE as a Soul Connection member.


Ready to make a change? Browse our range of life altering programs - these are 7 step online journeys that gently introduce you to some new ideas and concepts that you can easily integrate into your life from as little as 5 minutes a day.

Cultivate a deeper awareness of self and facilitate new ideas, insights knowledge and practice into your life.

New thinking. New feelings. New inspired action.


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Embody all of who you are! You are a beautiful gift 🌹 Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x

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