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The Power of I AM - Know your Power

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Some of the most well known words from the bible are those that God spoke to Moses when Moses questioned God about what his name was,

"I am that I am".

Speculations have been many as to what was actually meant by that statement.

I of course have my own opinions and if you bare with me for a few minutes, I would love to share them with you in the hope that you may gain from the insight as much as I did and continue to do.

Firstly, I do not consider any religion important enough to give my away my power to. I believe that religion is a design to distract people from the true forces of universal power around them and also to separate people in to groups to create discord and disconnect between them. You only need to watch the news on any given day to see that this is true and this separation continues to sneak itself into our societies.

Again, it is simply my opinion but that's ok, it's my blog.

My opinions however, are not regurgitated information from the mouth of someone else. I am not a mimic. I only speak of my experiences and the knowledge I have set out to discover for myself. I do not agree with everything I have ever heard or read and nor do I expect or encourage you to do so. Experience is the only true knowledge.

Off topic...

I have read the bible more than once, fun!!! (n't). At the time I was completely engrossed in it and was looking for a deeper meaning and the hidden messages within it because I already knew I didn't believe in the stories the way they were told to me in school. I was not compelled to behave a certain way based on the rules set out by a man who lived in the sky who was judging and keeping score of my every move and who was the sole decision maker of whether or not I would go to heaven when I died. Now although I got glimpses of understanding and what I was looking for, it wasn't until many years later that the penny really dropped, I connected all the dots and turned the information I had read into knowledge.

Based on my knowledge, the statement God makes to Moses is about who He is, not what His name is.

"I am that, I am".

We have all read the jokes about how important punctuation is,

"Let's eat, Grandma!" vs "Lets eat Grandma!"

The two sentences have a distinct difference, especially for poor, old Grandma.

Translation: God is in everything, everywhere.

God is the beginning of life, and continues to be every part of all life that exists. God is all that every has been and all that ever will be. God is pure love. God is creativity. God is knowledge. God is all there is. Wherever you look, that is God.

At this point I might mention that I myself never usually refer to the energy of all that is as 'God', however as the paragraph above clearly points out, the name you use is not important because God is everything.

Now... the fun part!

Look in a mirror.

What do you see?

Oh yes............




YOU too are God.

You are a very important, very vital representation of an aspect of the one and only God energy. You are all loving, all knowing and all connected energy and the connections you make within your life are based upon the words you allow to represent the image you are portraying.

That is to say that what you attach to the I AM of your being is what will make manifest withing your physical world.

What you think, you will be.

The best practice is to catch the negative I AM's that show up and reverse them in such a way that feels comfortable to you. Comfortable means believable and if you feel too far away from what it is you are saying then your work will feel that much harder.

The way you see yourself is paramount to the way you feel and whatever you attach to your I AM becomes your power. Daily I AM affirmations, mantras

and meditations can bring about such tremendous changes in your life. Try writing or saying as many positive I AM statements about yourself every night before you go to sleep. I am an amazing rambler at the best of times so this is quite an easy task for me, however in case you find the task a bit of a struggle, check out some suggestions below to get you started.

I AM so grateful to share with you something that I am so passionate about.

Be YOU, there is only one.

Kylie x

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