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Pluto in Capricorn ~ our powerful ally ~ 2022 Retrograde

In April 2022, Pluto will retrograde through the diligent sign of Capricorn and although this planet is often considered inconsequential – (so much so that there was an attempt to downgrade its relevance from ‘planet’ status) - the transits of Pluto are some of the most significant and influential on our collective timeline. On a surface level, this energy will bring up old emotions and wounds that have been supressed and ignored, and create emotional turbulence.


Pluto is considered a generational planet. It tends to affect most of these large groups of people in similar ways due to its lengthy orbit and distant connection, but at the heart of each of the aspects of projection, Pluto’s energy is all about having power and giving power away. As a representation of the mysterious, the hidden, the occult and of our own instinctual tendencies, this retrograde cycle has the determination to move, shift, shake, demolish and destroy in order to prepare the way for revelation and renewal.

Pluto reminds us of the many ways in which we are all connected, of the ways we impact society and of how the changes we make within ourselves become the world that we see all around us. In the simplest form, the transformational energy attached to this planet is to guide us towards liberating ourselves from unnecessary attachments so that we can evolve along our true path. So, during this phase, we are guided to explore our deepest emotions and dare to ask ourselves some meaningful questions. If we discover anything within ourselves that we don’t particularly like or have been avoiding, we will be urged to confront it and make the changes that need to be made.


Throughout this 5 ½ month period, we may sense both the negative and the positive effects of this placement, but as with all shifts and transitions, the more you are willing to release control and discern what power you have, the less resistance you will create.

Truth be known, we are only just now beginning to awaken to core principles of power, of what it means to be empowered and of all the ways is which we have been conditioned to give our power away. On an everyday level, we as individuals have opportunities of choice within which ultimately, we are deciding how to spend our time, money and attention without fully realising that these are the key components of our power. More and more however, we as individuals are taking back control of our lives – growing our own food, building self-sustaining businesses, home-schooling our children. We are recognising what no longer works for us and stepping up to the plate and taking back our power through reclaiming our personal responsibility over these aspects of our lives.


Many things we see collapsing are due to this new contention for power arising through self-empowerment and as this transit is taking place in Capricorn, there is extra emphasis on the systems, structures and authorities that are tightening their grip through oppressive control measures. But the Capricorn energy of control is equally relevant to the control over oneself.

Pluto in Capricorn should be considered our ally in transforming the toxicity of the simulation. Our present point of power is revealed through our choice to give in to the destruction and fear, or our choice to feed the new Earth and be a part of creating something better.

Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, meaning that it is the master of the physical realm, and with Saturn ruling over it, the building of structure is done in a big and lasting way to create the pillars of society. With Pluto in this space, however much we may try to hold on to these pillars, they will crumble to dust and if we aren’t prepared, it may feel as though all hope is lost.

Pluto - The destroyer – Lord of The Underworld – Master of Transformation

Pluto is a representation of the darkness and the shadow itself and so this can inspire energies around denial and dissonance for those that are unwilling to peer behind the veil. Pluto is dark… yes, but only because it is the doorway through which we all must pass to fully realise every compressed aspect of self, every spiritual component and every photon of the primal, energetic force that we have ever been. These are the parts of ourselves that we hide from and that have been hidden from us for far too long.

With this retrograde arises the opportunity to recognise and release our fears and attachments by our own efforts or else through the insistence of the outside world. The exploitation of the collective faith in those who seek control over others is so extreme now that we are reaching a tipping point. Remember, Pluto remains retrograde until October 8th. If during this time we as individuals have worked through our deep emotions to arrive at healing, things will begin to balance out for us. It will be interesting to see what unfolds on the collective scale, but perhaps be prepared for something big!

Considered the agent of death on every level – death of lower self, death of attachment, death of desire, or complete death – esoterically, Pluto serves as the destroyer in order to facilitate renewal. It represents the process of breaking down the ego/personality in service to Higher Will. This is a purifying energy that, to the Earth and material realms, act in polarity. Form is the realisation of the Soul and here is this physical plane, our illusions and attachments are the strongest. Pluto teaches detachment from these things but can never destroy consciousness.

This birth and rebirth process is difficult and painful on every level wherein one form is pushed from within another, and the physical connection is severed. What once existed as one has become two – a painful but necessary process for development.

Pluto is a vital piece of the puzzle in the lives of those who are choosing to walk the Soul path by merging the Soul with the personality.

We share this information with the hope of inspiring more people to look up, to tune into the story within the stars and to learn to recognise the multitude of ways in which we can connect to, learn from and work with our beautiful Universe. You are a beautiful gift!



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