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Just One Slice... A perspective on emotional eating

I was asked a question recently about emotional eating.

Here's some food for thought, (pun intended).

People who have experienced challenges with their weight and health know that emotional eating is real. Why is it?

Because emotions drive our thoughts and thoughts inspire our actions therefore what we choose to eat has to be a vibrational match to how we feel and in turn, how we feel has a vibrational impact on the food we eat once it enters our body.

We are literally eating our emotions.

Vibration being everything, thoughts, feelings, things, must be a match to that which it is attracted to. Understanding this is the beginning of allowing a change in what you eat to reflect that of how you feel.

Recognising when you feel driven by emotion to eat is only a part of the bigger picture and the power behind changing your habits and beliefs about food. Understanding why you feel it is another, and exercising your choice completes the puzzle.

It all comes down to a matter of perception on two key points.....

How do you feel about yourself?


How do you feel about your food?

First lets understand that emotional eating works both ways. It is not just a cause or symptom of those who are unhealthy or overweight.

It is a repercussion of a belief that we hold about ourselves and when that belief is triggered, it defends itself by doing the one thing it knows how to do...

I uncovered a belief about myself a short while back, that I was unworthy. I wasn't taking care of my physical body the way that I should and I was managing to find ways to justify doing it.

I wasn't eating properly, if at all. I was making excuses, I was being lazy and I was being irresponsible. I was doing all this and telling myself that I was making sacrifices so that my family, my children wouldn't have to go without.

I woke up one morning asking myself how far I was willing to go?

Is making the ultimate sacrifice of my own health and well-being really what I was trying to sell myself on as being what was best for my children.

Come on self... get it together.

Knowing what I know about energy and myself, I knew that I knew better.

Whether it is over-eating or under-eating due to emotions, the cause is the same and the result is not a good one.

Time to develop an action plan!

Step 1 - Drop beliefs that are based on ideas of self being less than awesome. These are not mine and are not positively contributing to my general well-being.

Step 2 - Create better beliefs based on rational thoughts of self. What is it I want to tell myself? What do I want to hear?

Step 3 - Remind self of better beliefs. Have continuous conversations with self that highlight key aspects of what I am wanting to believe;

Step 4 - Feel better about self. Clarity of self leads to better choices and better choices lead to happier self. It's a continuous cycle.

Step 5 - Reverse desire for unhealthy food choices. Transmuting false beliefs creates better feeling self who continues to want to feel better and better therefore conscious food choices become instinctual.

Step 6 - Have better quality of living

Simple enough...

The key here is working on each step over and over until it is mastered. You can't climb a ladder safely whilst missing steps. Write things down as they come up, any emotional journey that has impacted your life in a physical way must have very deep roots, it will take time.

Don't give up.

You are worth it. You are a beautiful gift 🌹 Kylie x

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