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How your heart can heal the world.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Have you ever looked around at the world we currently live in and literally felt sadness within your heart?

But at the same time, looked at the same world and recognised so much beauty and love?

I feel like this has been an experience for many and now more than ever, it is important to be able to hold onto the energy frequency of that which we most prefer…

To see that which we most prefer.

I want to explain to you just how easy this actually is and how the love within your heart can uplift not only those around you but the world as a whole. As always, I believe that knowing exactly how and why something works is the key to amplifying it’s potential power, so for this reason… in order for me to explain this very simple idea, things will first have to get a little complex. But bear with me… it is SO worth it.

It is all about communication.

Are you ready to super charge the power of your heart?

Well hold on… this is not a short journey… but the best one’s never are.

Let’s go!

Everything in existence across the multiverse consists of energy which essentially, is information in motion. It is the movement and coordination of this information which comes together to form codes and frequencies. These frequencies dance together in a vibrational harmonic symphony which create the patterns that in turn create the very structure of our Universe.

In essence, all structure consists of geometric shapes which move and connect in corresponding resonance to form platonic solids, Fibonacci spirals, torsion fields etc all of which react and revolve around one another in mathematical cohesion.

The entire Universe is built on a foundation of numbers, geometry and music. That’s right… everything you know, experience and are is a series of patterns and interconnected mathematical tones! When you understand this… the world begins to look and feel a little different and fragmented, but at the same time… a lot more organised and connected.

We are so used to our 3D world and experiencing our Earth in such a physical sense that we are often neglecting to see her true beauty, elegance and vulnerability or consider her as a Being in her own right who, like us, is seeking balance for greater connection, well-being and evolution on many levels.

Our Earth as an entity is known as Gaia. She is living, she is conscious, and she is an intelligent expression of life. Again, like us, she has a vibration all of her own that is interacting with all beings on and around her.

Gaia is our Spiritual Mother and when she sent out her S.O.S call, we were compelled out of love to answer her, and we have been here ever since.

Let’s make a few comparisons at this point for the sake of clarity.

We have a physical body. The Earth is physical.

We have an electromagnetic field (aura). Earth has an electromagnetic field.

We have a higher aspect of ourselves. Earth is Gaia.

Our consciousness exists within our field. The consciousness of Gaia exists within Earth’s field.

Moving on…

The Schumann resonance, as it is known, is what connects our consciousness to that of Gaia. It can be thought of as the mathematical vibratory rate of Mother Earth’s heartbeat which can be measured and even felt if you allow yourself to connect to it. The Earth also breaths in and out, in a continuous ebb and flow; expanding and contracting her energetic fields creating frequencies of freedom and restriction both upon and beneath the surface. Her heartbeat is measured within the ELF (extremely low frequency) portion of Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. It is speculated that these measurable waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere with the base atmospheric electromagnetic resonant frequency being 7.83 Hz also known as the ‘OM’ (Aum) resonance.

Interesting that the frequency of our home… our Mother planet harnesses the exact musical composition of such a powerful sound expression.

Sound expression works within vibratory resonances to create. Now, remembering that all of creation is sound, we can use the corresponding sound expressions to unify the two aspects of our energetic self with the dualistic aspects of the Earth. There are two major sounds – one for exhale, outer expression and harmonising, and one for inhale, inner work and inner balancing.

Om (Aum) – represents the essence of all consciousness. It is the sound expression of creation and causes energy to gather and flow outward and upward raising in frequency. It associates with the words ‘Womb’, ‘Home’, and ‘I AM’.

Mah (Mua) – represents the creative divinity. It is the sound expression of receiving and nurtures, transmutes energy causing it to withdraw, turn within and rest. It associates with the words ‘Mother’ and ‘mammal’.

The Om is the exhale, the masculine, the doing.

The Mah is the inhale, the feminine, the being. Together they are two sides of the one whole and as they interrelate, they form the third. And this is the pattern apparent within all relationships between all things. It is… the holy trinity.

Yep… I said that.

Now, the average human brain contains about 120 billion neurons, which constantly receive and send information through branch-like appendages called dendrites. Through this process, chemical or electrical signals produce small voltage changes across the cell's membrane, which are routed to the cellular body. This is how we communicate within our own self… and it is exactly the same as what the Earth is doing within her own self, creating signals within her consciousness.

The electronic signal that each cell then carries becomes influenced by but also influences the environment within the body and new communication patterns are established which further determine our cellular well-being and vibration. This is known as epigenetics and can be considered the energetic aspect of the body's message system. So, when the brain sends a signal, it is the environment of the body – created by stress, chemicals, past pattern perceptions etc – which determines how well that signal is received by the individual cell, because the individual cell is effected over time by the environment. So too, when the cell sends a message to the brain or other cells, the clarity of the message is determined not only be the pattern of the cell sending it, but also by the ability for that message to be transmitted through the environment and be picked up by other cells and the brain.

This same sequence of events takes place in the same way when the Earth sends out her electronic signals to her cells and vice versa.

Are you still with me…?

Hold on… it gets deeper.

Our auric field and the electromagnetic field of the Earth create a web of intricate communications and messaging.


Well… because we are the cells of the Earth.

Within the Earth’s field, the Schumann resonance is impacting our consciousness as much as our consciousness is impacting her resonance. It is the Holy trinity. So, as we seek to find our balance, so too does the Earth because just as the cells within our physical body are integral to our health, balance and well-being, so too are we essential to the harmony and well-being of the Earth.

Right now, on Earth there is SO much discord and upset yet there is still a great sense of balance. This is because there are those on Earth who have their eyes wide open and are experiencing the greatest sense of love, understanding and unity for all upon Earth. Living in moments of high stress, tension and passion have the potential to open us up to strengths we never knew we had as it can force us to reassess where we are and what we really want, not just as individuals but as a collective consciousness. These occasions can therefore create an increase in the frequency of the Earth which in turn further influences our own vibration therefore raising the level of all, because through the web… we are all connected.

So just what is resonance?

Well, resonance takes place when one system’s frequency fluctuates or causes a fluctuation in another attuned frequency. Together these frequencies have the power to influence each other and simultaneously further power their amplification.

Entrainment however is a process whereby two interacting systems share periods of synchrony within which the greater frequency slows down and the other speeds up until the two create a new harmonic resonance.

In other words, one vibrational frequency can tune another to create harmony.

As the cellular beings of Earth, Humanity is tuned to the resonance vibration of the Earth. We all vibrate a frequency  within the range of 5-10hz, and studies have shown that those emitting a frequency closer to 7.83hz were more at peace and healthier. We are mathematically, systematically and harmoniously designed to be in coherence with Earth’s vibration and when we are not… is when we suffer. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, supressed immune system, illness and disease... these are all signs that we are out of step with nature… Mother Nature… the Earth's vibration.

This is BIG!

Are you feeling it?

You see, the frequencies of the naturally occurring signals surrounding the Earth in the ionosphere have and will continue to be a key factor in determining the evolution of Human consciousness and the vibration of collective Human consciousness will simultaneously have an effect on Earth's resonant field.

We are literally working together to grow and evolve.

Evolution is rarely an easy process, but the energy behind it - of which we are a part - is always cycling forward and upward to a higher degree of unity, balance and wholeness. Interestingly, the heartbeat of the Earth; the Schumann resonance, has been showing huge spikes over the past few years, however, never more so than most recently where ranges up to 30hz and beyond are being recorded. In terms of brainwave frequency, this is considered to be gamma state where we resonate Humans will have one of two potential responses – either we become over stimulated, hyperactive, stressed out, chaotic and further imbalanced – or – we harmonise, becoming symbiotic, aware, conscious, compassionate, loving and in a zen-like state.

As Earth now moves through her metamorphosis, we too have to transition and adapt to the intensity related to this new frequency. On the other side though is peace, bliss and Heaven on Earth.

Now for the simple part…

Our role through all of this is simply to let Love in and to let that energy move through us without resistance and as it goes it will clear all that we no longer need and what no longer serves us. Our role is to let the Love take over, to become the Love and the Light from within… being lighter, clearer, and more balanced. When we DO this work (exhale) let go - we create and then we can BE this expression of ourselves (inhale) fulfill - experience – meaning that we have nothing to do but to BE and then to let the rest unfold.

How difficult this transition is will depend on how tight we are holding on to our past, our perceptions, our stories, reasons, excuses, emotional unrest and our awareness of reality. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve your vibrational relationship with the Schumann resonance of Earth's field and with practice, you will feel the harmony of your heart beating with hers.

Spend time in nature – walk barefoot, sit in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, be near water. The Earth offers you grounding which is so important when altering your energy. Being in contact with the Earth for just 10 minutes a day will make the world of difference.

Listen to the Schumann Resonance – playing the 7.83Hz throughout your home will entrain your body, mind and Soul back to your natural vibration. There are so many beautiful tracks on you tube and spotify. Find one you like and use it often… even while you sleep.

Follow the Schumann Resonance – there are websites and apps now that allow you to follow the current vibration within the Earth’s field. You can get to know what your physical, mental and emotional symptoms are by paying attention to how you are feeling and comparing it to what is happening on the Schumann charts. Awareness is everything so when you are aware of a potential area that requires letting go or easing, you can give your loving attention to it.

One way or another, we are all going on this ride. The when and the how is up to you.

Be YOU… there is only ONE.

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