The Awakening Woman

If You Are Ready…

to awaken the energy of your Divine inner Feminine to empower and heal yourself and the planet...


Then this is for you.

The healing, compassionate energies of the Divine Feminine power holds the key for us to wake up from our submissive dream and assert our loving presence upon the future.


Right NOW… we are inviting select participants to experience an awakening of the Woman within like no other.

Our journey on Earth began somewhere and we each chose to be here at this time for a reason.

We have a purpose.

What were you called here to do?

The Awakening Woman is a journey through hypnosis to realign you with your original Soul purpose.
This is a FREE session with Kylie available to a select few at any one time.



Registration is currently open to women around Australia.

If you are outside Australia you are still welcome to register to be considered for future intakes.


This offer is for women who are ready to own their journey, embody their story and put into practice personal principles that will allow you to move beyond any external limitations by learning to connect with yourself on a quantum level.

All sessions are done online via zoom and require internet connection, headphones and a willingness to devote a few hours of time to yourself and this process.

When you know the calling of your Soul, the reason you came to Earth, you can embrace the complete power of who you are and stand confidently in your authentic Truth.

It is time!

If you feel called to be a part of this Divine project, and discover more about your Soul journey and purpose, register below.

The feminine energy is so evident, so powerful and so compassionately open now that it is time for us each to do our part.


This energy is waiting for us to rediscover it within ourselves.