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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading


A Tarot card reading can provide glimpses into the energy surrounding where you are and what you are feeling helping to give you a broader perspective of the bigger picture.


Readings are done remotely, and sent via email with a full pdf written copy and all card pictures. Readings can be done for anyone, anywhere.

About Tracy

In essence I am a practical soul who likes to understand the spiritual nature of  ‘why’ things are and like to explain these findings in terms of real life experiences that we can all relate and connect to.

I feel deeply connected to animals and nature and am most comfortable barefoot with my feet on the Earth.

I aspire to help others see their full potential and love to assist those who are willing to let go and grow. To take responsibility for their own actions and lives and are open to new concepts, ideas and insights.

Through many different life experiences and realisations of my own, I have worked through deeply seeded self-sabotaging beliefs, I personally adapted a meditation and intention style to invoke alignment and empowerment in the face of negativity. I then went on to complete my diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching to establish the core of my practice for guiding people and animals through the process of acceptance, release and responsibility.

I have formally studied and have certificates in spiritual life coaching, crystal healing, aromatherapy, animal communication, meditation and astrology. I have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years and I am drawn to creating a supportive and loving space for others so that they may feel inspired and become more aware of their own power.

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