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Angel Messages Masterclass

When you invite the Angels into your life you are opening yourself up to a world filled with unconditional love, support, guidance and playfulness.


During this interactive masterclass we will explore the realm of the Archangels and share with you just how to work with the 3 Angelic Pillars of the Rays of Conscious Creation. Forging relationships with these loving beings opens a Divine path to conscious manifestation in all areas of your life. From protection to abundance, healing, support, guidance and soul realisation – by getting to know these Archangels and your personal Guardians...

the possibilities are endless...

Through invocation, you will call in the light of the Archangels of Divine Will, Higher Mind, and Unconditional Love. Through conscious alignment and guided meditation, you will also meet your personal Guardian Angel and be gifted with your personal Angelic Message. Discover the many ways in which the Higher presence of the Archangels can be witnessed in your life. Get to know who they are and how they are communicating directly to you through unique signs and symbols to assist you at all times.

“Your Angels and Guardians are by your side always just waiting for you to recognise them.
Look for them behind every smile and beyond every moment that feels heavy.
They are waiting on the other side.
All you need to do is invite them in… call on them to experience miracles.”
$33 AU
One off payment
Lifetime Access
Image by Javardh

We connect to the intentions of the group and the Angels to bring you personalised confirmation from the Angels that are present, so no matter when you participate – whether you were with us live or you use the recording afterwards – you are a part of our energetic space and the messages you receive are of this High, energetic vibration.

This is an enlightening and transformational introduction to the world of angels.


Whether you are a beginner, a practicing spiritual student or just curious, this Masterclass will show you tools that you can use every day to master your symbolic language with Spirit. Through this 2 hour Masterclass, we share practical insight into how to further develop your ability to tune into your Angels, how to understand their messages and how to ask them for help and support when you need it.

Image by Kasper Rasmussen
Image by Michael & Diane Weidner

Angel Messages


We will show you:

  • Ways to connect and communicate

  • Ways to ask for and recognise signs that your Angels are around

  • The ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Angel Communication

  • The energy and effects of when Angels are present

  • A deeper angelic connection



Go within to;

  • Discern between real and false messages, logic vs. ego

  • Use your intuition to interpret colours, symbols, and images, as a unique language

  • Learn to link and blend your energy with the spirit world to receive, authenticate, and validate your messages

  • Meet and strengthen your relationship with the Archangels so you feel safe to ask for what you need

  • Meet your Guardian Angel in guided Meditation

This is an extremely practical workshop designed to open up your heart and mind space to the realm of Divine Angelic presence that surrounds you always.

Feel the love, support and guidance available to you from your Guardians and the Archangels in this enlightening Masterclass and receive your personal Angel Messages.

$33 AU
One off payment
Lifetime Access


  • MASTERCLASS video - 1 hour 40 minutes of connection, teachings and practices.

  • MASTERCLASS workbook to accompany the video.

  • Angel Messages eBook to invoke your own guardian and Divine Beings.

  • ‘Angel of Oneness’ energy alignment meditation.

  • ‘Angel Prayer’ invocation recording.

  • Lifetime access - return and repeat as often as you need.

Angels are celestial beings who are attendants and messengers of Divine Source or God. Their service is to Truth, and it is the Archangels and their guardian angel counterparts that are primarily involved with helping and guiding humanity; however, they will never intercede without your consent.

These high energy, celestial beings are large and powerful, with clear, loud voices which resonate at high frequencies. We can learn to hear these voices and we can come to know their energy through service and persona as each Archangel has a distinct energy that can be interpreted in an individual experience of them.

Archangels are non-physical entities that are not bound by space and time which means that they have the ability to help anyone, anywhere at all times.

The Archangels each have their own special area of expertise so, knowing who to call on and what to request of them will increase the power and speed of your reply.

Come share some time with us and experience a powerful moment with the Archangels in which you can ask them for support and feel their presence in your life.

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This introductory MASTERCLASS condenses over 52 years of combined experience in the holistic revelations for mind, heart, spirit and body to initiate you into a cohesive system for creating energetic connections, clearing the path for Higher conversation and including your Guides and Guardians into your present-day life with 'innerstanding', joy and purpose.

Allow yourself this time to give permission to your Angels and Guardians to show up more profoundly in your life.

Give yourself a beautiful gift!

Or ready for something MORE?
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