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The Seasons

The seasons offer us a way to understand the patterns and cycles of life, how things change, flow and how we can work with them to best contribute to our overall well-being and happiness.

Image by Dan Freeman

The season of transformation, adaptation and letting go. We learn to use our instincts for survival, for developing awareness and for feeling into situations. We weigh up what we need and what we don’t. Autumn is a time of doing what needs to be done for our own good.


Image by Andrew Ridley

The season of uncovering, reconnecting and replenishing. We reveal our vulnerabilities and begin to outgrow our present restrictions. We challenge what we know about ourselves and empower our sense of desire and deservedness. Winter is a time of choosing.


Spring flowers tulips
Beach at sunset - Summer

The season of illumination, creation and celebration. We embrace the cohesion of our creation and take ownership over all that we are. We find our own style and rhythm and relax peacefully into the peace of where we are. Summer is the time of integration.


The season of possibility, inspiration and growth. We delight in the potential of every moment and enjoy the limitless abundance of the unknown. We experience balance and synchronicity within and witness the unfolding of beauty around us. Spring is the time of rebirth.


The seasons show us the transitions between the stages of ALL evolutionary change. In reference to where you are, this change is growth. Knowing how the seasons perpetuate evolution can allow you to discern the energy of the moments you are working with so that you can empower your responses to what is coming next.


By understanding the seasonal energy in this way, you can create shifts and make choices that bring you back into alignment with the natural, rhythmical symphony of which we are all a part.


This means that it doesn't matter where you are in the world or which cycle the Earth is going through, what matters is developing the awareness of where YOU are so that you can redefine your growth and direction.


If you want something different… something more… something better, you have to do something a little different… a little more and a little better for yourself.

Like all things in nature, you too are a part of the revolving cycles of growth and renewal and as the seasons see differences in the ways the elements interact together, the cycles of change can help you understand the relationships between parts of yourself.

Deepen your awareness and apply some simple tools and practices, to turn these revolving cycles of “been here before”, repetitive thoughts, feelings and experiences into evolving cycles that reconnect with your Soul self.


You deserve to have your balance restored so that you can be the best version of yourself.


Join our empowering Soul programs that bring you guidance and accountability on your beautiful journey to freedom.

If you want something different... you have to do something different...

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