Magic Prayer

Card 4 - 2nd Feb

Card 4 - 2nd Feb

Magic Prayer

Have faith - believe that whatever you have asked for and been working towards is on it's way to you already.

You are a powerful creator who has manifested their wishes into being… abundance, energy and healing are yours, you need only ask.

Feel yourself asking for what you need right now, however that looks and feels right for you; silent prayer, writing it down, saying it aloud – explore. There is no shame in admitting you need help or that you want something, abundance is plentiful, there is enough for all to seek their personal balance. Trust that once you have asked that you will receive exactly it is that you need, do not limit yourself, the divine have your best interests at heart and they know the perfect things for you at this time. Move ahead with assertiveness and faith.

Focus not on how or when, but allow yourself to embrace the joy and FEEL as though it has already happened - this raises your vibration even more and brings you into alignment with what you are wanting.

Remember too that your way may not be the only way - so be (and remain) open and flexible to different ways or variations of your plans, ideas and dreams. THIS (what you have asked for) or something better - you don't have to settle and you don't have to restrict yourself, sometimes the universe has bigger plans for you.

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