Card 4 - 24 Nov

Card 4 - 24 Nov


The Future

Being content with what we have right now, being grateful and aware of how things came to be and giving regular thanks for all the gifts that we have been bestowed with is so vital to becoming more open to allowing more into your life.

When we become fixated or stuck with a particular process or need things to move in a certain direction or unfold a particular way - we are limiting ourselves, we are cutting ourselves off at the knees and denying the universe an opportunity to bring what is rightfully ours, what is seeking us as much as we are seeking it. Whether this be abundance, love, fulfilment, peace, harmony... whether it be something material or emotional, or spiritual... if we bring too much force and pressure to our side of the equation - it simply cannot be met and balanced on the other side.

Trust that some things are simply worth waiting for, we cannot control all things and that if you have faith and trust and are willing to surrender - you will receive exactly as you need.

The veil for your journey is thin right now and Skuld may bring you glimpses of this through deja vu, dreams and other 'flashes' or 'glimpses' - be open and aware of your intention as you are a powerful creator. Remaining true to who you are in this present moment will be your key to moving forward.

Becoming more open to new ways and ideas, but not to the extent that you can't see what is happening around you now. The ever present moment is your gift.

Skuld is from Norse mythology and was one of the three Norns. Skuld is linked to a Rune symbol comprised of nine staves containing all the runes thus symbolizing all ‘the possibilities’ the past, present and future. Skuld is known as "Shall-be," or "She Who is Becoming".

Our upcoming online Solstice Ceremony takes you on a journey to your allies and guides; including the Goddesses - you will find more details below.

Dearest Soul

Ever have those days when you just feel wobbly, unclear, and out of alignment with the person that you feel you are... or want to be?

We would like to invite you to join us for Soul Connection.
Being here, you already see your worth and you are already seeking more.
This is it!

Take a look at all  the goodness, love and support we have included.

We promise, try it for a week, if you don't like it, if Soul Connection doesn't bring you more empowerment, love, connection and freedom to your life - you can cancel immediately.

Soul Connection

Soul Connection

$5.50 per week

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- Weekly Astrology, Affirmations and Tarot Card Readings

- Monthly Energetic and Astrological Overview

- Interactive Astrology and Planetary Calendar

- Seasonal & Earth Cycle Information


- A weekly affirmation and mantra audio recording with binaural beats.

- Monthly 'Mini Journeys' with daily accountability steps and tasks. Each month focused on our Mind, Heart, Spirit or Body

- A monthly online live practical workshop / webinar hosted by the three of us.

- Monthly Moon phases and access to our moon ritual and ceremony library.

- Monthly 'Soul Conversations' - our mini podcast going deeper into the meaning of astrology and our individual Soul's Journey.

- DIY online card readings accessible anytime.

- A personal 12 month Tarot forecast reading.

- Phone App for Tracking and Accountability.

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When you attune your mind, heart, spirit and body to the natural cycles of the earth, you automatically harmonize and then your work, health, wealth, relationships, and life become more supportive, stable and free.

We invite you to remember your divine connection, to realign with your natural rhythm for living and to come home to who you are!

Get back in touch with your natural flow and love for life!

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