Card 4 - 23rd Mar

Card 4 - 23rd Mar


Beginning again is not failure. We can choose to do things differently, to set ourselves up more aligned to our heart. Perhaps our foundations were not as strong as we had first thought, perhaps the divine had something bigger and better planned for us.

Choosing or trying something does not make it permanent, changing your mind is a completely okay and valid thing to do. Your interests, your job, your passions or hobbies, homes, travel plans, friends, partners - if something doesn't feel right, empower yourself to listen.

Life is here for us to experience to live to drink life in like a fancy cocktail, to be enjoyed and savoured and leave us feeling that little bit tipsy (lol).

From a spiritual view point this card is asking you to really tune into your heart. To drop into your heart space over the week and notice what it is asking for. Broken things are where the light gets in - it allows us to experience more, FEEL fuller - it doesn't change who we are, the core and essence of who we are. Your heart holds your truth and wants to be listened to now.

Dearest Soul

Ever have those days when you just feel wobbly, unclear, and out of alignment with the person that you feel you are... or want to be?

We would like to invite you to join us for Soul Connection.
Being here, you already see your worth and you are already seeking more.
This is it!

Take a look at all  the goodness, love and support we have included.

We promise, try it for a week, if you don't like it, if Soul Connection doesn't bring you more empowerment, love, connection and freedom to your life - you can cancel immediately.

Soul Connection

Soul Connection

$5.50 per week

Cancel Anytime

List of inclusions;

- Energetic and astrological monthly overview

- Weekly astrological forecast, and Tarot reading

- A weekly affirmation and mantra audio

- Mini online course each month

- Monthly live online workshop

- Moon phases and rituals

- Soul Circle - live monthly chat

- DIY online card readings

- Personal 12 month Tarot reading

- Personal astrology chart and 6 month forecast

- Live weekly one card readings with Tracy

Join now

to also receive your astrology chart and 6 month forecast

When you attune your mind, heart, spirit and body to the natural cycles of the earth, you automatically harmonize and then your work, health, wealth, relationships, and life become more supportive, stable and free.

We invite you to remember your divine connection, to realign with your natural rhythm for living and to come home to who you are!

Get back in touch with your natural flow and love for life!

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