Card 4 - 23 Feb

Card 4 - 23 Feb


If you have been feeling resistance, it is by no accident that you have chosen this card. Shark appears when we need to self reflect or be challenged by what is happening around us and within us - are we feeling threatened or as though we don't deserve what we are asking for (on whatever level this may be).

This animal ally wants you to notice what this feels like for you - do you feel tested or judged and how are you dealing with that? Your commitment to your path is valid and necessary and it is not the content of your question or situation that is being questioned right now - you are being asked to really 'show up' and be present for YOURSELF first of all - to stay your course and show gentle, but real, assertiveness.

Shark is strong, she is silent and asks us to be clear with what our purpose in this situation was. What was the core reason we started, what was our driving force?

Encouraging us to be decisive and direct, flowing, not forceful. Be willing to feel the power of our emotions, but not let them control us. The shark is highly sensitive to frequency and vibration - so I feel that this card asks you to look after yourself energetically this week, doing what you need to protect and recharge your own energy force. Salt baths and chakra cleansing may be especially powerful.

Card Affirmation:

I am clear, decisive and aligned.
Deeply in tune with my senses,
I move with confidence, grace and power.
My fear is a doorway to my higher path.

Dearest Soul

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