Lizard (Tuatara)

Card 4 - 15 Dec

Card 4 - 15 Dec

Lizard (Tuatara)

You might surprise yourself here. You are more in tune and insightful than you might think at the moment and there is opportunity here to connect and grow this intriguing gift further, should you so wish. Seeking out workshops and courses that facilitate this learning may be especially appealing to you right now.

Know that as some things grow - it can mean that other things can be, or need to be left behind. No matter what may come and what may go, understand that first and foremost you are safe and protected. Listen to your heart, if a decision is to be made, following your truth and your inner calling will allow the very best of what is to inevitably come. Give your thanks and appreciation to what you no longer need and trust that you are being called forward, to release, for a purpose.

This lizard represents the uniqueness of each of us as a beautiful individual and providing us an opportunity to begin to trust ourselves that little bit more and have faith in the hidden talents that may present themselves. Spending time in deep rest or meditation can help you bring more light and awareness to growing your abilities.

You are being called forth to honour your fullest potential and to walk the path you feel most connected to - shedding fear and uncertainty and walking instead with confidence and clarity.

The Tuatara is a lizard native to New Zealand. They are considered by some not officially a lizards as they have a second row of upper teeth that is not seen in any other lizard (a quick biology lesson for you!). They are also known to have a third eye that is not used for tangible vision. A ancient animal connected to reptile, dinosaur, bird and dragon.

Bring awareness to this animal coming into your daily life in different ways over the coming days and weeks - ask for signs, be clear in what you want to receive. Than release expectation of HOW it will happen and be content with seeing WHAT happens.

You may see the physical version of your chosen card, you may see a documentary, or hear someone mention them, you may dream about them - this will be about gentle awareness, without force. It is a practice. Tuning in with your own intuition and guides is something that (like most things) the more you place energy and attention here, the better you will become and understanding and interpreting what is happening and why. Spirit animals are usually a representation of what we most need at the time, you may have one, or many and knowing what they are and when you need them is an empowering process. If you want to connect with your own spirit guides, please consider joining our online ceremony on the 21st December - you can find more details below.

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