Card 3 - 9 Feb

Card 3 - 9 Feb


This card is all about the divine feminine energy within. The kundalini has been awakened and you are not the same as you once were and are being asked with this card to extend yourself and to view situations from a more heartfelt, nurturing and empathetic viewpoint. It isn't just how this is effecting us on a personal, individual level, but those around us as well.

You are going through or have come through a shift in your energies and are beginning to live more truly from your heart.

With this shift, dearest, you may find some physical symptoms appear; perhaps aches and pains, tiredness, trouble sleeping, or coughs and colds. Be kind to yourself at this time, follow your intuition and seek responsible action where necessary; professional healthcare or a deep massage for example.

This shift will also bring with it new realisations and behaviours, and others may begin to notice that you look a little different or question you, wondering what has got into you.

This beautiful, exciting expansion is your realisation that the old rules no longer apply to you. You find yourself questioning old ways or habits and almost rebelling against the status quo, pushing boundaries as you grow.

Trust that you are confidently and lovingly able to stride forward, unafraid, leaving old fears behind, leaving that that no longer serves you, behind. Be full of love and belief that you are truly a child of the divine with passionate fire.

Change is our one true constant; through growth and progression, we can simply no longer remain as we once were, understanding and embracing these new opportunities and sending love forward, without judgement or expectation. You are a beautiful gift to this world!

Dearest Soul

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