Card 3 - 6th Apr

Card 3 - 6th Apr


Give yourself time and space to feel what is happening within you and around you. To notice any subtle changes or pops of insight or inspiration that come to you as you are reading this. It may not seem plausible to you right now - but there is healing coming to you in the area of your question. Solutions are being formed and finding their way to you.

I also feel this card is linked to forgiveness, of self and of others. This doesn't mean forgetting what has happened and in some circumstances doesn't even mean you have to speak to the other party or let them know - it is more about releasing that part of your life, of loosening it's grip and lessening the power it has over you.

Again, really feel into this card and the area of your life it may be indicating for you personally. You are not alone, you don't have to face anything that you are not ready for or don't want to. It is always your choice and when you are ready, there will be a reason you feel that way.

Listen to your dear heart.

Dearest Soul

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