Blue Heron

Card 3 - 6 Oct

Card 3 - 6 Oct

Blue Heron

This card reminds us of the importance of self belief and resilience and standing up for what you trust in. It speaks of honour and truth and being steadfast without being stubborn or inflexible.

Judgement is a default setting for many of us - many time involuntarily. Judgement of self and judgement of others. The Heron asks us to resist this temptation of jumping to conclusions and making up our minds based purely on first impressions, here say or even the ideas and thoughts impressed upon us by others (other people and other institutions).

This is YOUR unique and beautiful path to explore. Your way, your style, your perspective are all valid and valuable. You are doing amazing things, despite or in-spite of what others may say, think or do. Assert yourself as you need to and this may get deep and difficult at times as you wade through others opinions, comments and values. Recognise that they are not yours to carry and keep going on your path.

A beautiful positive, optimistic outlook and belief of self will help and allow you to continue strongly and solidly forward. Trusting in your self knowing and own guidance system rather than being dragged down by the lower frequency energies of doubt or self pity. Any positive affirmations you may like to connect with this card and the ideas shared here will definitely empower you this week.

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