Come Together

Card 3 - 2nd Feb

Card 3 - 2nd Feb

Come Together

This card asks us to be willing to put ourselves out there - to be vulnerable ( in a good way) and be willing to share our heart and our heart's deepest desires - this may be directly related to a romantic relationship or it could be plutonic, family, spiritual or even a relationship with self, regardless of the kind of relationship, there is a second entity and there is a third entity involved, which is the relationship itself, the power of three.

Whatever the relationship, it is important that you are recognising and acknowledging what it is you are truly FEELING about this situation, question or person. This is an expression card - in all its forms.

You are cherished and adored and you are continuing to attract the people, energies and connection you need most right now.

Remember too that relationships are a balance, a delicate dance incorporating different energies, ideas, ideals, stories, beliefs and emotions. We are designed and created to give, share and express ourselves - do not shy away from these opportunities as they present themselves this week.

You will not be denied, you will not experience lack. Dropping the need to control and dictate exact terms will empower you here. You will create tenfold what you are willing and able to give out.

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