Dry Desert

Card 3 - 27th Apr

Card 3 - 27th Apr

Dry Desert

We are empowered when we understand that sometimes further work on a situation, or on self, is required to allow things to move forward how we wish them to. This card comes as a reminder of just how strong and resilient you are... and if you don't think you are... just look around and look back at where you have come from.

Road blocks, feelings of self criticism, doubt and frustration may be surround you. It is important at this time to rely on your own inner strength and resilience. There is a time for action, a time for rest and a time for reflection - this feels like it is the latter.

Now is the time to do the REAL work on self - it may not feel really big or significant to you right at this very moment - but there are strong revelations to be uncovered, do the work to reap the rewards.

So what does 'the work' mean? For me, it is about being honest with myself; believing in myself and showing myself kindness and love - listening to my body and showing myself appreciation. Giving time to myself to establish exactly where I am now, and identifying the different parts of myself or my life that may not be exactly as I wish them to. We can, of course, help guide and support you through - it is what we are all about.

Each of us has a uniquely beautifully journey, where we have been, our experiences, our highlights and our deepest depths. There is no comparison needed, there is nothing to prove.

It may feel that all of your recent efforts are going nowhere, that what are seeming at first to be opportunities, turn into let downs, but if you look a little harder, and are willing to dive a little deeper into your own heart and soul... you will know you can adapt to these new conditions, you can find a way through and continue on.

You are capable! Things aren't always going to be easy, sometimes you need to trudge up the soft sand dunes, in the hot sun, on your own... but if you are willing to do the work, you will find your oasis... believe in yourself that little bit more every day x

Dearest Soul

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