Notice The Signs

Card 3 - 26 Jan

Card 3 - 26 Jan

Notice The Signs

This card is asking you to pay special attention to the physical signs and messages you have been or about to be receiving. These may be in the form of a special person, totem animal, or other signs; coins, feathers, butterflies etc. When you see these, pay particular attention to what you were talking about or thinking as it can be used as a guidance system to bring your awareness to a particular path.

Think about letting go of trying to force things to happen and instead be willing to sit back a little and just pay quiet attention to what is happening around you - this is not in-action, I am simply suggesting that there is going to be a time to move and you will know it without a doubt. Trust the process and do not focus on the 'how'.

When we are experiencing life for all that it is, are grateful for all we have and are following our highest joy at any moment, we are creating magic. The angels are always willing to guide you on your way and if you haven't yet asked for help, take this card as a sign that they are waiting in the wings - you need only ask.

Card Excerpt:
"Yes, the signs you've been receiving are heaven-sent. We drop feathers, coins, and others signs upon your path to remind you that you're love and never alone."

Dearest Soul

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