Legacy Of Light

Card 3 - 20 Oct

Card 3 - 20 Oct

Legacy Of Light

What are you open to and what are you willing to acknowledge about yourself and share with those closet to you and those that will come after you. There is a sense of responsibility that comes with this card of recognising how you see yourself and how you have been seen previously. I feel a significant shift with a sense of personal responsibility and either being thrust or voluntarily stepping into the limelight or a position of leadership.

Leading with your heart will be the key for you. The veil for receiving your own spiritual guidance, for understanding the messages and information you 'think' you are getting is thinning and the more time, attention and energy you can spend giving to this practice (like anything) the more quickly and readily it will come for you.

This legacy of light lies within you, with what you are doing at the moment, the internal work, the self realisations and concentrated effort on self - you are actually positively contributing to the energy of the Earth as a whole, others are watching you, noticing how you are emulating this authentic divine love. If you are not feeling this path as of yet - it is coming and you are being called to accept the invitation.

This card can also remind us of the importance of our relationships and connections to others and what we think sometimes is about us... directly. Our energies and ancestral lines and lives may still be at play coming through for us to learn more, release more, realise more and accept more. Be open to what comes - it may be for you, it may be for those close to you - it may be connected to karmic lines you are here to uncover in this lifetime.

Quote for you this week;
"The spiritual battles you fight are not always about you; often they are about others who will become a part of your spiritual legacy." - Susan Gaddis

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