Card 3 - 10 Nov

Card 3 - 10 Nov


Are you holding yourself back? Are you afraid to get out of your own way and stretch outside your comfort zone? What is the worse that could happen? Really... if there is a particular task or situation that is bringing up fear in you, you may like to start a list of what it is EXACTLY that is making you uncomfortable... keep breaking this down with each answer you receive, as you do so, you may begin to see a pattern, or you may begin to notice how far fetched your fears actually are.

This card is about putting yourself out there, stand in the sun, feel the warmth, enjoy the spotlight. There is opportunity for you in the light - it is simply a matter of your readiness and willingness to step out of the darkness. The shadows are a part of our lives, that is a given and these can be embraced and accepted, but they need not be our entirety. Seek light and shade, give yourself a chance to balance. If you have been hiding, this is a indication that you are being asked to show yourself.

I feel this card also draws us out into nature, implores us to feel the connection and interwoven link to all other things; human, plant, animal, mineral, unseen forces, universal energies - there is so much going on at any given time - and we are an integral part of this. Spending some time grounded in the Earth and giving yourself space for some deep breathing may help you put things into perspective and give your heart an opportunity to lead.

(I LOVE this concept) it is an excerpt directly from the Sacred Earth Oracle Guidebook "In a fleeting moment of grace, in the space between your thoughts, you glimpse a silent bliss that is beyond words or description. This all-encompassing love is your soulful, spiritual centre. It is without beginning or end."

Sit with this a moment, or for as long as you feel guided. Stretch your imagination and your mind and your spirit into this state of bliss and peace. You are ready for the next stage. I promise x

Dearest Soul

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