She Loves

Card 2 - 9 Feb

Card 2 - 9 Feb

She Loves

But who does she love? This card is bringing forward messages of self love and forgiveness. You are forgiven. Your gentle heart is forgiven.

The divine feminine energy is close by you right now and wants to remind you that she loves you. This is a nurturing, comforting, supportive energy. Feel yourself wrapped and cocooned with this energy, whenever you need reassurance and as you drift off to sleep at night. Go easy on yourself, this spiritual journey is not about being perfect - free yourself from your own judgement, shed your expectations and move forward... lighter.

You are asked to hold this love for all that you are in your heart, be gentle with yourself, grant yourself forgiveness. You are worthy. If there are others around you needing your forgiveness, trust that you are strong enough to hold your space, hold your divine love, and forgive them too. It doesn't mean allowing, it means releasing yourself from the pain that may be holding you back. This powerful work if you are ready and willing to go there.

Writing out letters to those that you feel you need to forgive (including yourself) can be empowering - you don't need to physically give these letters, it can be enough for to release the words and emotions onto paper and helps if you return the written words to the Earth afterwards; either through burning, or burying your letters.

We cross paths with others for a reason - we learn from them, and them from us. You are free! Free to forgive and free to move forward.

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