Card 2 - 8 Dec

Card 2 - 8 Dec


Sometimes it can be beneficial to share our ideas with someone we trust. A different point of view, fresh angles and a un-attached perspective can help us see a bit more of the bigger picture and give us the opportunity to be a little more subjective and open to maybe making some slight adjustments or (in some cases) major changes.

Finding the right person (or people) to share your ideas is a matter of instinct - it may be someone who is complimentary to your talents, or a mentor type figure, a professional in the area of your question or situation. You will know as you are reading this, and know by what is 'lacking' in the current way things are panning out.

It may even be as easy as talking through your ideas with someone as this involves us having to be clear and concise about what we are trying to convey, explain or express. Asking for help and assistance is not a weakness - we are a creature that thrives within community and the gathering of like minded soul's for a common goal will be your blessing.

Be open to receiving opinions and ideas, even if they seem a little obscure to begin with. When we remain open, we are able to continue the creative flow and inspiration and release fear of things not working out or not being 'perfect' - perfectly imperfect will be just fine!

A little encouragement will go a long way - do not take this piece of guidance to heart, it is simply for you to see the best and get the most out of your situation and question.

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