Ride The Wave

Card 2 - 2nd Feb

Card 2 - 2nd Feb

Ride The Wave

You have put in the hard work and spent the time and put in the effort, now it is time to 'coast' for a bit. This card is indicative of you being on the right track and you can really start to enjoy yourself and see the abundance flowing to you.

There is definite movement forward here as your momentum and focus on what you do have control of allows you to see those that are there to help and guide you. People are being drawn to you and your passion - they see what you are and have been doing and can't help but be caught up in the wave of positive flow.

Take some time to really appreciate what is happening around you, the effort you have put in and what you have done to get where you are now. Give yourself some praise (it is good practice) and be open to possibilities and opportunities. Doors will be opening for you at the moment.

You are guided to really enjoy this time, feel the natural rhythm and cycle of how things are flowing... and just go with it. Follow your joy, go with the flow, enjoy the freedom that comes and trust that your efforts are being rewarded.

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