What Do You Desire?

Card 2 - 26 Jan

Card 2 - 26 Jan

What Do You Desire?

You are at a powerful crossroads at the moment where you can quickly and easily create anything you are dreaming of. The magic of creation and manifestation is all around us. Be clear with your intentions, write them down, stick them up in your house, should them out, tell your friends. It is time to clearly and truly decide upon your heart's desires.

There is no need to feel guilty or fearful of asking for something or for wanting something - we do live in a material world and we are here for a full Earthly and human experience. Give yourself permission to allow things to flow freely to you. Remind yourself that you are worth and deserving of abundance of all things.

If you have been stalling or waiting for the external conditions to be 'just right' or for an outside source to let you know that 'this' or 'that' is the right thing to do - this card might be the closest you will get to affirming - Remember the power of creation is within you! There is no perfect timing - there is only YOUR perfect time and that will be unique and special for you - you need to feel this; the fear, the uncertainty, the hesitation and then... the trust, the faith and the love.

Try not to compare yourself to others or to where you through you might be at this time of your life. Trust that what you are seeking is also seeking you. Live it now - the gaps will be filled by the Divine.

The intensity of the message to meditate to find your own guidance comes through strongly with this card. Even if you take 5-10 minutes per day for a week, give it a try; or while your out walking, having a shower, sitting in nature, at the beach - wherever you feel most connected. Make a determined effort for the rest of this week.

Card Excerpt
"You have the opportunity to write the script according to your heart's true desires. Once you clearly decide upon your true desires and know that you're ready and deserving of them, they'll rush into your life as if by magic."

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