Cosmic Butterfly

Card 2 - 20 Oct

Card 2 - 20 Oct

Cosmic Butterfly

The butterfly has gone through an amazing and necessary transformation - it has delved into the unknown and come through the other side more beautiful, more open and more able than before. It has surrendered to the universe, without fear and opened itself to the divine light and expansion that comes with this surrender.

There may be feelings of uneasiness still within you - embrace these, allow the fear of the unknown to be exactly as it needs to be - without the need to force or judge or reject. Sit with your emotions and as they flow this week. Stability and certainty will come - there is no doubt of this. Transition and change is sometimes a necessary part of our existence and trusting that what finds us and moulds us is exactly what we need at any given moment, is a challenge, but one worth embracing. You will find ease in this process, if you seek to find it.

Things break apart so that they might come back together in a new way, a more enlightened way, a more effective way... who are we to judge our own possibilities, to keep a lid on what could happen, on what we believe to be our own limits.

The black and the white of things come into play with this card - feeling the fear and the awe, the light and the dark, the pulling apart and the binding together, the height and the depths - there is so much to be grateful and thankful for, you have chosen this beautiful journey of the butterfly for a reason - embrace and surrender to it. Let's see what comes.

A quote for you this week;
"The breeze of the butterfly's wings
Caresses the stillness of my thoughts
And awakens feelings that course through my veins
Like the whale's song to the ocean's depths
There wells in me a knowing and a wonder
For what is yet to be."
- Richard Cohn

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