Card 2 - 19 Jan

Card 2 - 19 Jan


Life is an intertwining dance of our own energy around and through others. We learn to sway, dip, swirl and glide through our lives and through interactions with other individuals (some fleeting, some forever). This card reminds us of our connections to those other beings and how we treat others in our 'default' setting.

Do we automatically extend kindness and love, or are we more likely to hold back and wait to be invited, or wait for another to prove themselves. Are you willing to look at yourself objectively and honestly. Not with judgement of good or bad - but with humility and discernment on whether there is something more you could do to engage with the world around you. This is a card of connection and of feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Empathy and understanding may come up for you as main themes this week; giving you an opportunity to recognise any gaps or opportunities for further growth in this area. Be gentle as you work through things and being to notice yourself feeling lighter and more connected to those that cross your path. Walking in another's shoes can be a humbling and strengthening experience. There is so much to learn from each other.

Ubuntu translates to 'humanity' and is often portrayed as "I am because we are". It is a word used in the Nguni language that is used to describe how one is expected to interact and coincide with others; humanity, their family, community, nature, and the spiritual world.

She opens herself to the experience and knowledge and wonder of others. The leaves signify this opening and willingness to connect. There is a sense of peace and vulnerability with this card, no fear, no pain. She can sense what others need and is willing to help however she can. Patience and compassion comes through the darkness, she is willing to give more than she receives right now.

The element of Earth

Represented by the Tarot suit of Pentacles; linked to the colour Green, our material world, Spring and the direction East. This element connects us to our bodies; how we interact with physical world; money, work, our health, our business endeavours, our education and the goals we set for ourselves. Embody this element during the week by spending time in the garden, barefoot on the Earth, you might like to carry a beautiful leaf or rock around with you. Notice your connection to Mother Earth and how this feels within your body.

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