Card 2 - 11th May

Card 2 - 11th May


This is a time of great confidence, as you will be having many ideas (new and repeating), and inspiration should be coming to you strongly and easily. If you have been thinking about something for some time, now is the time for making a firm decision, committing yourself and taking action.

This beautiful princess has her arms outstretched inviting light and spiritual insight into your current visions. Two hawks are flying off in different directions, as she allows her ideas to take flight and be open to all possibilities. Her heart centre glows with confidence that following her instincts is going to take her in the perfect direction.

Whatever you are feeling drawn to explore further, don't be afraid to give it a try - even if you fail, it will be worth it and you will never know if you never try. If you have been second guessing yourself or considering two different options - a decision is to be made from the heart. Meditate on this decision further if you need to - but it should make you feel excited. You have the power now to make a decision and stick with it.

As this card links to the energies for this week and our New Moon, this card definitely is pointing the importance of being clear and concise on what it is you are wanting to create and manifest with this moon phase. The energies this week lie in Taurus and in looking upon things with a child like perspective. Take yourself back to your childhood and remember what it was that brought you joy, what did you love to do, what could you not get enough of. This is your opportunity to allow self doubt to subside and tune back into your child like optimism and choose a side - fence sitting is over.

Card affirmation: "I open my mind to the pipeline of new ideas available to me now. I know I am capable of both initiative and follow-through."

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